Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP

Up she goes!
Still recruiting lads, Come join the pew!


Check out our latest whelp : E.C.H.O | Alliance | zKillboard

What ? Green KB for the past few days ? Wth is happening !?

Get into “boohoo” in-game chat and find out !

To the top !

Up we go!

Up, Up and away!!

Top, NOW!


Another day another bump

bump, bump

to the top

Up we go!

To the top !


To the top

Ho hey,

Just letting you know that we start uploading footage on youtube.

(59) not - YouTube

See that purple dot there ? that could be you.

Come and join us for more fun adventure !



Too bad lads, you cant get in !

Recruitment Open!

Up we go!