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Good bunch of guys, highly recommend.


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We are still looking players of all descriptions to come and join us!

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My Review of the corp

For context, I am primarily a DED site explorer strictly operating in high sec. I love exploring WHs to some extent too. I have some experience in high and null sec, and was part of a few corporations over the years.

Corp Review

Great corp and really fun members. When I first joined the corp, I was pretty sceptical about moving to null sec, as I absolutely suck at PVP quite frankly. My experience, however, quickly put all my doubts to rest. The Corp HQ is deep within friendly territory with a lot of corporations who are pretty happy to help each other out. There are only about 5-6 hostile systems (coming from high sec) before you come across systems with a lot of friendlies. Intel is posted frequently about whereabouts of any stranger who might be looking for trouble.

Coming to the corp, the members are really fun people who wouldn’t hesitate to help you out in whatever you need. There are active OPs ever few days, some of which are training sessions meant not only for newbros but also for the veterans of EVE. Overall, joining the corp was pretty much one of the best decisions I made this year.


What about the money making? As you may have heard, Null is one of the best regions to make money regardless of what activity you like to do.

RELIC and DATA sites:

Extremely lucrative and pretty common in null compared to high sec. Much less competition too AVG: 50 - 100 mil/hour Requirements: Astero, Stratios, T1 exploration frigs, T2 explorations frigs

DED sites:

Very frequently found and carry loads of money. But they are also pretty risky. Reference AVG: 100-150 mil/hour. Requirements: T2 cruiser, Pirate BS, T3 cruisers, so on


A lot of easily rats found in null sec, which give a load of money. AVG: 30-70 mil/hour Requirements: T1 cruisers and above, although even fast T1 frigs can also do them.


I don’t mine at all, but from what I gather, it can easily be twice as lucrative as high sec mining. Read for AVG and requirements


Since Syndicate is not sov space, There are a lot of security agents all the way from L1 to L4s. Pretty profitable as you can find deadspace modules sometimes. AVG: Depends on the level of missions. Requirements: Again depends.

Conclusion (and tl;dr):

If you don’t have a corp, and are looking for some fun members to hang out with, join this corp. We are based in Syndicate deep within friendly territory with a lot of Blue corps around, so it’s pretty safe and quiet, although if you like pvp, you can find some a few system out. If you’re strictly about making money, no better place than null. There is a lot of variety from missions, exploration to mining. Come and give us a try, although I’m sure you’ll end up staying :smile: