Into the Ether - CH0L0 - USTZ/EUTZ PvP Corp

Hey, i used to fly with y’all years ago. Just started back up and am re-learning the game with alpha clones, finding all my lost crap, and breaking out of 0.0 with said crap. Once i’m settled i’ll be looking for a home. Mostly in to PVP\roaming\gate camps\bomb runs, etc… I’m US central time zone. o7 This account is not my main FYI. TitusWolf Caldari

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Welcome back to the game.

Once you get yourself situated again and are ready to join let me know.

You can reach me in game or through Discord: Justin Starr STARR#8251

Had a nice scrap with some Pandas today.


Hello o7


Come have some fleets and some nano fun!

Get some Cap Kills!

Always some fights to be had… no matter where we are.


Join for the kills, stay for the friends!

Moar Kills!

Mining while your suppose to be on a CTA… shame, we got you RMC. o7

Been a couple days… but here’s another one… oh wait its the same guy…smh.

Here’s another one for you. o7

Hey would you look at that Golem | CaNy0uSaS | Killmail | zKillboard