Into the Ether - USTZ/EUTZ PvP Corp

Another fun fleet tonight.

Recruiting more PvP pilots.

Another good fleet today.

As always we are recruiting.

Another night of good fights.

Recruiting more USTZ PvP peeps.

Had a good brawl tonight.

Looking for my pilots wanting to get in on the fun

We’ve had a couple good nights of Pew.

Looking for PvP peeps looking to break away from the blob and blue doughnuts.

Looking for experienced PvP peeps that want to join a non block Sov Nullsec alliance.

I’ll discord you sometime.

Looking for Peeps interested in PvP.

Had a good fight the other night.

Looking for more PvP pilots in the USTZ.

Looking for more peeps wanting to PvP in the USTZ.