Jerkasaurus Wrecks Inc [JREX] NPC-null/Low-sec Corp is Recruiting (USTZ/EUSTZ)

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JREX IS STILL RECRUITING! Reach out for details on discord, r/evejobs, discord or in game (IGC: JREX REC).

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Bippity Boppity Bump… FC Said Jump?

JREX is still recruiting!

Our alliance and corp are very active - check out some of what’s going on in this BR:

JREX is great - been here a couple months, and there is always something to do! Fun group of people, and lots of varying content.

10 out of 10 would recommend.

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Let’s gooo! Check out this video of some action from a recent fight!


Ensure you are joining by copying everything within the quotes!