jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Jin Rot'hani) #183

Items in asset safety is another “unknown location”. I don’t remember if the update was before or after delivering the wrap to a station but at least one of those states is unknown:
Location & Region: [Unknown Location #1026522858803] which is in the system Hilmar

I still don’t know if missing docking rights also disallows asset search with the in-game asset window (which would be stupid) so i am anchoring a citadel on SiSi to test some stuff (in ~24hrs)

(Golden Gnu) #184

I didn’t know about assets safety.
You should be able to see all assets you own in-game, also, assets in structures you do not have docking access to. There are bugged assets, that only shows via ESI and not in-game, though.

(KenFlorian) #185

Hey Golden,

As always, thanks for a great tool. For whatever reason, I’ve got various and sundry bad data. The problem now is multiple entries for the same thing (eg. BPO).

What is the most straightforward way to delete everything I’ve got and start over?

Thank you.

(Golden Gnu) #186

Duplicated Assets are rarely fixed by resetting jEveAssets and It’s definitely a bug, duplicates should never happen.

But, since you asked, here are the steps to reset jEveAssets:
:warning: This will remove your history for market orders/journal/transactions

  1. Close all instances of jEveAssets
  2. Go to the profiles directory
  3. rename profiles directory to something like old profiles (better to have a backup than delete the directory)
  4. When you start jEveAssets again, you can add your accounts again

If the above does not fix it, please, email me (my email is on the wiki), so, we can resolve it together :slight_smile:

(Golden Gnu) #187

jEveAssets 5.4.1 released

New Feature:
-Get closed Market Orders from ESI (new endpoints)

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed a few bugs (BugId: 635 and 631)

-Split Market Orders quantity into two columns (easier export)

With this release, jEveAssets ESI support is now at 100% parity with the XmlAPI. :tada: :confetti_ball:
The next big step is updating EveKit support, as EveKit moves to ESI, as well.
When that is done, I will have more time to focus on adding new features and improving existing tools.

(Golden Gnu) #188

jEveAssets 5.4.2 released

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed bug introduced in 5.4.1 (BugId: 641/642/644)

(Yenna Zambooruk) #189

Thanks for changing the market orders into two columns in 5.4.1.

Now I can handle this info easier in GoogleSheets ; try to work up an automated reminder that there is only stock for x days left.

A new question. I access my JEveAssets data from 2 computers. I have figured out that running 2 copies is not a good idea. Gets some strange results !

So do I just need to copy the /data folder via my Google drive? Nothing else is used for consistency ?


(Golden Gnu) #190


  1. Google Sheets: The jEveAssets stockpile tool may be useful for this, if you’re not using it already.
    It doesn’t have alerts, though. But, the data is color coded to make it faster to read.

  2. If you want to sync jEveAssets between multiple computer, you have a two options:

    • Move the jEveAssets directory to the cloud folder and run portable
    • Add the settings location as an external folder to your cloud sync (you can google how you do it with your could provider).

Note: That using jEveAssets on multiple computer at ones, may course data loss, if they’re using the same data, as jEveAssets does not check if the data files have been changed, while it’s running.

Edit 1:
jEveAssets access the data files A LOT, to avoid data loss when crashing or otherwise unexpected shutdown. This may be a problem, not, sure…
Edit 2:
If the the excessive file access gets too much, you can run jEveAssets with command line argumment -lazysave then it will only save on exit and update, that will ofc. increase the chance of data loss if jEveAssets is closed unexpectedly…

(KenFlorian) #191

I deleted everything per your instructions.

I am pulling data using EveKit.

I have many BPOs that are duplicates in the “Assets” view.

I did have a crash/lock when it updated to 5.4.2. I do not recall if the duplicates were present before that because I mainly use it to look at Industry Jobs.

(Golden Gnu) #192

Thank you for reporting back.
I’m not able to reproduce the problem.
I’m going to ask you to email me (my email is on the wiki).
So, we can figure out what is wrong…

(Jin Rot'hani) #193

I finally got a GM answer and it actually was a rare issue where looting the wreck the exact same time i finished the salvage cycle lead to the item going into the twilight zone :ghost:
So i don’t know if that does help you regarding the location ID or whatever, since the item was not in a ‘regular’ state on the server.

(Golden Gnu) #194

Thank you for reporting back with the answer from CCP.
I’m pretty confident that all bugs and shortcomings related to unknown locations have been reported on the ESI issue tracker.

(Sutonimh) #195

Hello. I’m a fairly new user (1-2 months) and in the last week I noticed a strange issue. The tracker has been steadily showing a decline in assets and total value every time I update.

I’ve tried a clean install with deleting the data folder in users/ documents/.jeveassts. Re-added all toons and updated. Tracker still being wonky.

Any idea what the issue might be?

(Golden Gnu) #196

That sounds like a strange bug.
It is the same code that make the tracker points and the data in the isk tools.
I’m going to ask you to email me (my email is on the wiki).
So, we can figure out what is wrong, together.

(Golden Gnu) #197

Static data 2018-02-14 update released

(Lil Afro) #198

There seems to be a bug with sell orders. I had a couple of sell orders up in a citadel which completed a couple of weeks ago, They are still showing in the assets/market orders tabs. Interestingly, some of the orders have dropped off the tracker.

(Golden Gnu) #199

Sorry for the delayed reply.
By default jEveAssets keep history of all orders, also the completed ones.
You can disable that in: Options > Options… > Market Orders
Only active orders will should be added to the Assets and Tracker tools. If that is not the case, I will need a little more info to debug it, to figure out if it’s a jEveAssets problem or ESI problem.
If you could tell me what status the orders have in-game and in jEveAssets, that would be a good start.

(Lil Afro) #200

@Golden_Gnu, in game the orders are completed. In total, I had 3 separate orders for Tataras that look like the following:

When Type Price Quantity Credit Currency Client Where
2018.02.14 16:09 Tatara 8,448,999,999.52 ISK 1 8,448,999,999.52 ISK ISK Ori’s Little Bird Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market
2018.02.14 00:42 Tatara 8,448,999,999.45 ISK 1 8,448,999,999.45 ISK ISK Kanly Aideron Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market
2018.02.07 21:08 Tatara 7,999,999,999.01 ISK 1 7,999,999,999.01 ISK ISK Ida Hekki Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market

However, they show up as the following in jEveAssets:

Type Name Quantity Remaining Quantity Total Price Issued Expires Range Status Min. Volume Owner Location Region Transaction Price Transaction Profit Transaction Percent Remaining Value
Sell Tatara 1 1 12396999700 31/10/2017 22:46 29/01/2018 22:46 Region Expired 1 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 12396999700
Sell Tatara 1 1 8449000000 13/02/2018 21:56 14/05/2018 21:56 Region Active 1 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 8449000000
Sell Tatara 1 1 7999999999 05/02/2018 18:15 06/05/2018 18:15 Region Active 1 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 7999999999
Sell Tatara 0 1 7639999995 17/12/2017 17:12 17/03/2018 17:12 Region Fulfilled 0 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 0
Sell Tatara 0 1 8448999999 13/02/2018 23:05 14/05/2018 23:05 Region Fulfilled 0 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 0
Sell Tatara 0 1 9699999944 12/11/2017 20:32 10/02/2018 20:32 Region Fulfilled 0 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 0
Sell Tatara 0 1 8498998967 21/12/2017 13:23 21/03/2018 13:23 Region Fulfilled 0 Lil Afro Perimeter - - IChooseYou Sotiyo Market The Forge 0 0 0% 0

Can provide any other info you need, just give me a shout

(Knanama Uinen) #202

I would just like to say that I really like jEveAssets. Well done.
Fly Safe,

(Lil Afro) #203

I solved the above by deleting my market order history by the way