jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Golden Gnu) #247

I still want to fix the lib directory for everyone else. So, thank you for pointing out the problem. I will look into if it’s possible to remove the version numbers from the libraries. Otherwise, I will make jEveAssets/jUpdate delete everything not needed in the lib directory after update. I think It’s unlikely users will add anything to the lib directory, so, I think it’s pretty safe to purge it.

(Indium Red) #248

First of all, amazing tool, thank you for developing it!

I was just wondering, is there an option to have reaction jobs count towards the stockpile? I’m maybe missing something obvious but the manufacturing option doesn’t appear to include this?

(Golden Gnu) #249

Yerh, that is a bug!
I think I found it, so, It should be fixed in the next release.
I’m going to release a new version tomorrow.

(Golden Gnu) #250

jEveAssets 5.5.1 released

New Features:
-Backup files are now zipped

Bug Fixes:
-Failed to exit when a minimized update was running
-ESI Contract Items failed with 404
-Stockpile manufacturing did not include reactions
-Workaround for ESI universe/names not supporting factions
-Better handling of profiles (including a bug fix and optimization)

(Golden Gnu) #251

Minor project update:
I’m planning to release the next version around the 5th June (bug fix versions will always be released as needed).
If all goes well it will include a lot of optimizations improving both memory and CPU usage (I just need to validate that the changes does not break anything).

(Mandu LEE) #252

Hi! Thanks for developing this grate tool!
Been using jEveAssets for several days and it’s really useful on managing my manufacturing stockpiles.
But I have a suggestion about the manufaturing thing.
Can I get a direct link on fuzzwork blueprint calculator when I right click on item in jEveAssetes?
Material prices are changing rapidly so i have to check it daily whether it is profitable or not.
Thanks for your hard work!

PS. It would be good if I can set Item’s ME/TE in jEveAssets and automatically import fuzzwork blueprint calculator’s profit value to stockpile menu, but I think it would be too much work :stuck_out_tongue: .

(Golden Gnu) #253

Just to be sure, you mean: right?
Expect it to be in the next release. Linking stuff like that is really easy to add…

(Mandu LEE) #254

Yeah, you are right on the first one.
But the thing I wrote on PS is different.

Fuzzwork blueprint calculator need several variables to calculate profit.
(ex : ME/TE, system index cost, citadel rig…)
If we can ‘preset’ those variables per item in jEveAssets, and parse the ‘Profit’ result value frome the Fuzzwork blueprint calculator web page, and import it as a column in stockpile menu,
then it would be really easy to determine if I should manufacture this now or not.

(Golden Gnu) #255

Thank you for your feature request.

Sorry, that I didn’t address your PS. in the first answer

The Fuzzwork blueprint calculator is not an API, It’s a website. Parsing data from websites are really hard and error prone. So, that is not something I want to get into. While it would be possible to do those calculations internal in jEveAssets, I feel like you’re a lot better off using Evernus, Isk Per Hour, or something similar to find profit, as those tools are specifically made for that purpose.

(Mandu LEE) #256

Allright. But thanks for the blueprint calculator link feature! It will be really useful to me :smiley:

(Golden Gnu) #257

Static Data 2018-05-29 released

-Added Abyssal Systems and Regions
-Better Tech level detection

(Ahuraa) #258

How long will the transaction data be saved on my computer?
Is the transaction data saved by CCP in CCP folders on my computer? If so, do CCP erase these data after specific periods?
If the data is stored by JEveassets in a specific folder on my computer is it possible to not erase them?

I want to be able to see transaction as far back as possible in JEveassets , wouldn’t it be possible to copy these files in a separate folder so they are stored there forever or when i chose to delete them?

(Golden Gnu) #259

ESI have transactions for the last 30 days. jEveAssets will save all transactions forever. Unless you disabled transactions history. You can check the setting in: Options > Options… > Transactions

I will also suggest you look into EveKit if you’re interested in saving history.

(Ahuraa) #260

Thanks, the save option is checked, for some reason i cant see far back.

(Golden Gnu) #261

As I wrote ESI only have 30 days of history.
So, when you start using jEveAssets you will start out with 30 days of history. So, the amount of history possible is: 30 days + the amount of days you have been using jEveAssets.

(Ahuraa) #262

I think i understand, the data before ESI dont show in jEveAssets…

I have started with evekit now, where on my pc should i download the zip file to?

(Golden Gnu) #263

EveKit have the same history limitations as jEveAssets, but, will keep the history safe in the cloud.
To add EveKit accounts go to: Options > Accounts > Add > EveKit

(salacious necrosis) #264

If you mean the EveKit snapshot (and if you haven’t figured it out already), you won’t need to download that. jEveAssets will pull data directly from EveKit once you setup the account.

(Golden Gnu) #265

jEveAssets 5.6.0 released

New Features:
-Added Fuzzwork Blueprint Calculator to the Lookup menu
-Added Fuzzwork Market to the Lookup menu
-Added Eve Info item database to the Lookup menu
-Delete known invalid tracker asset locations
-Major Memory Optimizations
-CPU Optimization of Tracker, Routing, Ship Fittings, Stockpile

Bug Fixes:
-Industry Jobs Assets was missing ME/TE/RUNS and had wrong BPO/BPC
-Workaround for deleted PI structures

-Removed Eve-Central from the lookup menu
-Removed Conquerable Stations
-Ignore Wormhole and Abyssal locations in the routing tool

(Johann Hemphill) #266

Did not get a notification of update available so I unpacked the zip into my installation directory. The memory optimizations have allowed me to stop running with jmemory.jar entirely. Stockpiles and the tracker graph are vastly more responsive. Thank you again @Golden_Gnu for maintaining jEveAssets.