jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Lagair en Marland) #267

First off, I want to say thank you for such an awesome program. I have avoided it for a while for a couple of reasons, both logical and illogical. First of all it was java, and I have this illogical hate for all things java. Second is its name. I though ALL it did was display assets, and I really didn’t care too much about that. Even your basic descriptions really don’t do it justice.

This is almost everything an industrialist needs when it comes to keeping track of large manufacturing and sales empires. Letting me know when I have industry, research, and reaction slots available for delivery across my many characters. It also lets me know when my chars are done with any contract production so I can move them quickly to the next location.

It also allows you to see your market orders and transactions to track if things are selling. Selling in Null doesn’t really require you to keep track of the market as you really aren’t competing against too many other sellers, like in a trade hub.

The only other thing I would like to see in your program would be to see the status of my PI colonies; extractors and storage.

Once again, thank you for your hard work.

(Gerjghon Toralen) #268

I recently started using jeveassets for out of game industry job tracking, however I have a minor problem with the software. Every time I open it I have to open the Industry Jobs tab from the Tools menu and apply the filters I made, is there a way for it to “remember” the choices and have those tabs/filter settings saved?

(Golden Gnu) #269

Thank you for the kind words.

illogical hate for all things java

Java was a major security risk, until all browsers disabled support for the java web start plugin (that part of Java is mostly dead now). Java also used to be slow, but, the latest versions of Java can actually be faster that non-optimized native compiled code. Java is still memory hungry, though, and jEveAssets even more so.
TL:DR Java is not what it was when all the hate started, it’s now a lot better

jEveAssets name

Yerh, It’s probably a little late to rename it now :grinning: …That said, I still try to keep a strong focus on assets. I feel like keeping the scope relatively limited helps avoid making jEveAssets bloatware.

PI feature request

Could I get you to make an feature request on GitHub?
The more precise you describe what you need from the feature, the better. I do want to include assets on planets, but, I’m not sure how well it’s supported by ESI. I know ESI is only updated for PI when the planet is viewed in-game.

That is not currently possible. Feel free to make a new feature request on GitHub

(Mandu LEE) #270

Is it possible to add the feature that comparing current character’s active market order with station’s lowest price and automatically highlight the underbided order after update?

I have too many kinds of orders and getting tired off checking underbid one by one.

I know it can’t be realtime, but it would be great help.

Ps. fuzzwork link feature was great. using it all day. Thanks for your hard work.

(Golden Gnu) #271

Thank you for your feature request and sorry for the delay reply (life have been really busy lately).

With the esi market endpoints, this is definitely possible.
How may sell orders do you normally have open?
I have two concerns with this feature request:

  • It’s a clear trading feature not related to assets.
  • Using the ESI market endpoints require downloading a lot of data.

That said, I would like you to make a GitHub issue for it. It may be something I would be willing to do in the future.

(Mandu LEE) #272

Well…maybe it can be considered as ‘asset management on market’ :wink:

Anyway, if you worrying about slowdown, then how about making it work separated from overall data update?

Formal ‘Market orders’ tab could be renamed to ‘Market order history’, and make a new tab named ‘Market order status’.
‘Market order status’ tab should work separated with data update, but can have its own sync button only intended to sync with current ongoing market order and station’s price.
(No influence on other asset data)
So user can check own market order’s status without syncing whole data.
I have about 60 ongoing market orders now and it would be good if I can check it at one glance :smiley:

Ps. Same suggestion will be on your github issue section.

(Old Pervert) #273

Hi there. Stockpile question. I’m sure I’m doing something stupid.

The desire is to be able to track how many doctrine ships I have fitted and ready to undock.

In the event that we have two ships that use the same weapon system… say a Cerb and a Caracal, both fitted with HMLs, if I have 2 cerbs fitted with HMLs the caracal’s HMLs will also be green.

As a test case, I added a caracal stockpile - I don’t have any caracals at all in the system in question. The hull is red, as it should be, but the HMLs for example are green even though I do NOT have spare HML launchers in-system.

In addition, in order to ensure that they’re “fitted” and not just “sitting somewhere in a container”, I’ve added flags for each of the slots… but as you can imagine that’s a metric fucktonne of flags (one for each slot).

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a smarter way to do what I’m trying to do?

Assuming there is not, the addition of regex to the container field would dramatically simplify the creation and maintenance of stockpiles.

Example, my cerb doctrine I add a container to the System, and throw the regex \(Cerberus\) in, it will match any container which contains “(Cerberus)”. Then, the HMLs that are in the hypothetical Caracal would correctly show red if not fitted in the Cerb (and visa versa for \(Caracal\))

(Chainsaw Plankton) #274

I’m having an issue with phantom market orders. It seems some orders that should be marked as complete, expired, or cancelled stay as active. It seems the only way to clear them is to wait 90 days from when they were last updated.

Also I have enough stuff I need to use jMemory, and whenever there is an update it seems to relaunch the base version giving an out of memory error

Love just about everything else though o7

(Old Pervert) #275

To amend my previous post, I’m encountering a bit more success on it.

I’ve ensured I have fitted (or at least assembled) hulls for each doctrine, and then I’ve simply selected the exact ship as a container (and removed the hull from the stockpile). If I want multiple, I increase the qty as well as link other ships as containers that are already fit/assembled.

I also used the ‘Clone’ to create a near copy with the container set to ‘None’ to facilitate restocking and the tracking of unassembled spares. If it’s fitted in any ship, it ends up not showing up. That helps a lot. There’s still overlap, but it’s not as bad by a long shot.

(Andraea Sarstae) #276

With the latest release, I can update just fine, but once I close the app and restart it, I get an error message about the settings file being corrupt and everything reset to default.

This causes me to lose my tracker history.

I can restore from a backup, but it occurs most of the time when I close and reopen. Where can I send my files for you take a look at what’s going on?

(Golden Gnu) #277

Sorry that I never got around to answer you in a timely manner.
Working with the stockpile is very complicated and I can’t come up with any good way to do this…

Sorry that I never got around to answer you in a timely manner.

Phantom market order: I am not able to reproduce this myself
Please contact me via email (my email is on the Wiki).
You don’t need to send the log, as it won’t help with this.

jMemory and Updating: Will be fixed in the next release
Edit: The fix will be included in the next release, but, it won’t actually work when updating to the next release.

Please contact me via email (my email is on the Wiki).
Sending the log as suggested on the wiki, is a good start.

(Golden Gnu) #278

jEveAssets 5.7.0 released

New Features:
-Major optimization of settings IO
-Allow unchecking all unknown locations in the tracker assets filter
-Tracker assets filter search
-Import tracker data from file
-Added issued by column to market orders
-Updated jmemory (Warn on 32bit Java and better error messages)
-Now run with jmemory after update (if jmemory was used to start jEveAssets)
-More memory optimiaztions
-Better handling of structure assets

Bug Fixes:
-Tracker purge removed too much
-Asset safety is not an unknown location

(Knicpaw) #279


I haven’t used this feature recently, so not sure when it stopped working… but saw MarkeeDragon using the “Tree” to view where assets are located; so I tried to use it.

I attempted 3 times, and each time jEVEAssets crashed… it said it sent a bug report… I believe the BugID=682 (? may be wrong).

I am not sure if there is anything else I can provide… but let me know.


Knic o7

(Golden Gnu) #280

Thank you for your bug report.

It broke in 5.7.0, I have already committed the fix to GitHub and hope to release a bug fix version later today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Golden Gnu) #281

jEveAssets 5.7.1 released

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed crash when opening the Tree tool (BugId: 681, 682, 683, 684)
-Container column was not updated when changing asset names
-Would not always use the newest data
-Fixed error with name updates (faction ids)

(Knicpaw) #282

Tree working for me now.

Thanks for your dedication and quick patch.

Knic o7

(Golden Gnu) #283

Thank you for verifying the fix.

Any chance you have a link to the clip where MarkeeDragon use jEveAssets.
It would be really fun for me to see someone use jEveAssets in real life.

(Knicpaw) #284

Apologies, don’t mean to pollute the thread for everyone else, but…

Knic o7 <-- starts show getting jEVEAssets set up <-- potential Advert… :slight_smile:

And he will be doing a before/after “worth” comparison after a full day of mining… he will reference the app again later (he is live now [at time of posting]):

(Golden Gnu) #285

Thanks for that. That was really interesting to watch. :slight_smile:

It also drew my attention to the import bug.
That is a major inconvenience for people with that many account, so, I’m prioritize fixing it.

Watched more of the stream: Some items was missing names, this will be fixed, as well.
This is starting to be a little embarrassing, but, it will help make jEveAssets less buggy in the end, so all good, I guess

(Golden Gnu) #286

Static Data 2018-07-13b released

-Added missing items (was being ignored because of missing name in the SDE, now get missing names from ESI)