jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(Golden Gnu) #287

I have been thinking a bit more about your problem.
And I started working on a solution for the next feature release.

Here is a quick preview:

(Old Pervert) #288

That looks really neat!

Thanks for the time you put into this, it makes asset management so much easier.

(gamingloser) #289

Any idea why the “total value of shown assets” on the asset page does not match the total value of assets on the tracker graph? These two numbers are significantly different for me. Even the total number on the tracker is less than the total value of assets on the assets page.

(Golden Gnu) #290

Thank you for your bug report.

I have had serval reports of this, but, I have never been able to reproduce it myself.
If you’re willing to share your profile and settings with me, so, I can reproduce and hopefully fix this, then please email me (my email is on the wiki).

I need the following:

  1. Go to the settings location (see: wiki for help)
  2. Zip the entire .jeveassets directory
  3. Email the zip file to me

I will look into it as soon as I get your email.

(gamingloser) #291

email sent with link to file (google drive).

Thanks again.

(Golden Gnu) #292

Thank you for sharing your data. :+1:

So, the reason the asset tool and tracker tool does not match is that they included different things.
If you go to:
Option > Options > Assets
And uncheck all the include X
…You will end up with the exact same number in both the tracker and on the assets page.
Additional the tracker page is a lot more precise than the asset page when evaluating contracts, market orders and manufacturing, it ensure it only include stuff you own.

The Asset tool include all contract/market orders/manufacturing, The Tracker tool only include what is 100% yours (more precise) and those values are not include in the assets total, but, instead have their own “line” in the tracker.

I hope this answer your question? :slight_smile:

(gamingloser) #293

I checked my options>options and the only one checked was "sell/reprocess colors (green to sell and red to reprocess). I unchecked this and tried updating and it did not seem to fix it (no surprise); the tracker total amount is still significantly different lower then the total value of shown assets on the asset tab.

Does the tracker total amount omit certain assets from its calculations (e.g. blueprints, etc)?

Any other ideas?

Thanks for your reply and time.

(Golden Gnu) #294

That is is the most common course, however, you’re right that is not what is affecting you.
I tested the problem on the wrong data set AKA not your data set. I’m really sorry about that. :frowning:
However, you’ll be happy to know that your problem is fixable too.

See this post by Johann Hemphill:

I tested it with your data set and it should resolve it for you.

Sorry for getting it wrong the first time…

(gamingloser) #295

That did the trick! Thanks for your help.

(Chainsaw Plankton) #296

anything you want me to email you? Don’t know what to say about reproduction other than churn through a lot of market orders. jEveAssets is listing 342 active orders under one of my characters, in game the order limit is 305.

I have an idea, not sure what the program’s logic for clearing orders is but:

I had an order up for an item, I sold most of it and then changed the price to whatever the current price was and put up another order of the same item at the same price. Someone bought enough that they bought out the small stack and purchased from the second larger stack. Eventually the second larger stack is down to a small number of items, and they sell. But the second larger stack stays as active with a small number of items left. as with normal logic you can’t sell 102 items when only 54 are “left” and it’s very possible I had another order open on that item by then.

I’d have to go through my orders to check and see what happened with other ones, this one just kinda jumped out at me. A lot of the items I trade I either have multiple orders running, or put more up when quantity gets low.

Might also create an issue when part of a stack sells at one price, and the price is changed? I haven’t really looked into it. I usually just look at low value orders to try and close them out to open up slots

also I updated to java 64, so the normal version seems to work now.

(Golden Gnu) #297

I’m going to need your profile file to reproduce it.

  1. Go to the settings location’s (see wiki)
  2. In the profiles directory zip the #Default.xml file
  3. Email the zip to me (my email is on the wiki)

I will look into it as soon as I have the profile file.
And again, thank you for your bug report.

(Golden Gnu) #298

Due to my web hotel being moved to a new server today, have been down most of the day. It should be working now (let me know of any problems). Sorry for the inconvenience

(Golden Gnu) #299

jEveAssets 5.7.2 released

Bug Fixes:
-ESI import showed invalid account before authorizing on the EVE SSO web site
-ESI workaround for universe names not resolving faction ids
-Overview displayed wrong system/region for systems
-Wrong count of total rows in some tools
-Date filter equals/before/after did not match correctly
-Column name was not always fully visible when sorted
-Tracker asset filter selecting and filtering was not working correctly
-Fixed two crash bugs (BugID: 693 and 687)

-Always show output value in table (table menu and statusbar unchanged)
-Ask to include all tracker asset filter locations (once)
-Delete unused library files

-Column resizing (All tools with tables - also faster filtering)
-Materials Tool
-Separator Table (Stockpile/Contracts/Materials/Reprocessing/Loadout)

-Updated eve-esi to 2.3.4 (Use PKCE, instead of client secret)

-Thanks to the ESI team and the header endpoint jEveAssets now send the right user-agent to ESI
-Thanks to the SSO team jEveAssets no longer ship with the client secret (It now use PKCE).

(Paula Myok) #300

A lot of packaged ships are showing unpackaged volumes in assets.

(Golden Gnu) #301

You are in luck. I just committed a fix for that today, that I hope to release it tomorrow.

Extra Info:
The old system was based on what group the asset was in, it was hardcoded and had not been updated for a long time.

The new system is per type, is now part of the static data and will be updated with it.
This was made possible, because packaged volume was recently added to ESI.

(Spacey Smurf) #302

I’m a fairly new user (about 1 month), but a few things have me stumped. I’m using Win10 and jEveAssets 5.7.2.

  1. Graphics get messed up. I’m not 100% sure what triggers this, but I think I may have made some progress in replicating this. Go to the stockpile tab, scroll the list so that a “stockpile” button is right at the bottom of the list, and click stockpile. The resulting menu renders partially below the app window (which is normal), but at this point the entire app’s UI becomes mangled an unusable. If you click the stockpile button in a position where the menu renders within the jEveAssets window, everything is fine. Once the bug hits, things start rendering in the wrong place and the app becomes unusable and I must restart the app.

  2. I don’t understand how/when stockpile changes are saved. Because of the above graphics bug, I’m often closing (clicking the X) and restarting the app, only to find that the changes I spent several minutes making before restarting are just lost. Am I missing some step to save? I just opened the app, added an item to a stockpile (careful not to trigger the graphics issue), clicked X to close, relaunched the app, and the item I added to the stockpile is gone. It feels like it saves on some sort of timer, like every 5 minutes, but doesn’t call the save function when the app is requested to close.

  3. Contracts that have been completed are not always completing in jEveAssets. I noticed on my net worth tracker that it was showing billions in contracts, even though the game showed I had a single contract outstanding for 1M ISK. If I go into the contracts tab and create a filter for Status=Outstanding, jEveAssets shows me a number of contracts that were completed over the past few weeks, but they’re still outstanding in the app. So, my net worth is counting the billions of ISK I already received for those contracts when they completed PLUS the billions in ISK that those contracts were worth when outstanding. I just made 5 contracts today, 4 of those completed, and they all reflect properly in jEveAssets though, so it is working properly sometimes.

If any further info is needed, just let me know. Thanks!

(Golden Gnu) #303

Thank you for your bug reports :slight_smile:

  1. To me that sounds like something is corrupted, I did try the reproductions steps, but, was not able to reproduce.
    I suggest you follow the following wiki suggestion: jEveAssets will not run.
    You may want to do a RAM scan: How to check for memory problems and a HDD scan: Scan Hard Drives
    If none of the above fixes the problem, please, email me the log: Email Bug Report
  2. It is saved every time something is changed. I think 1. and 2. are related, once you start seeing screen corruption jEveAssets is not in a happy place and may not be able to save correctly. if you email me the logs I can check it for errors: Email Bug Report
  3. Email me the logs: Email Bug Report and I will look into it.

(Spacey Smurf) #304

Here are my notes so far:


  • Updated Windows and geforce drivers and rebooted. Graphics issue still present.
  • renamed jEveAssets program directory to jEveAssets.old, redownloaded a fresh copy, and unpacked it, ensuring I have an all new copy of jEveAssets application. Graphics issue still present.
  • Noticed javaw.exe process for jEveAssets was 32 bit on this computer but 64 bit on my laptop. I uninstalled Java, reinstalled and the auto installer chose 32 bit for some reason, and graphics issue was still present. Uninstalled again, specifically found the 64 bit download link, and installed that, then verified the running javaw.exe is now 64 bit. Graphics problem is still present despite all new java download and switch from 32 to 64 bit.
  • Renamed .jeveassetes to .jeveassets.old, allowing the program to create a new data directory, ensuring I was running without any previous config, character imports, or saved data. Cancelled character import, went directly to the stockpile page, created a bunch of items in stockpiles, added a 2nd stockpile so there was a stockpile button near the bottom of the window, clicked it, and graphics broke again. So, it doesn’t seem to be related to my character or data files.
  • Installed jEveAssets on my two laptops and I could not replicate the graphics issue on them.

AHA! Just as I was about to post this and go to bed… I had a crazy idea. What is different between my laptops and the desktop? The laptops have Intel graphics, while the desktop has a nVidia 1070 Ti. The desktop has 5 monitors and a 6700k CPU. 4 monitors run off the GPU and the 5th runs off the CPU’s integrated graphics. 4 monitors plug into the GPU (the max it supports) and 1 plugs into the motherboard’s HDMI port. Here’s the trick. I simply drug jEveAssets onto the Intel integrated graphics monitor, and suddenly I could not replicate the issue! I drug it back onto an nVidia monitor, and I can replicate it easily. If I replicate the issue while the window is on nVidia, then drag it over to Intel, it stays broken, but it never seems to originally break when kept on Intel.

I would think a large percentage of jEveAssets users have nVidia GPUs, and I haven’t hard of anyone else having this issue, so that’s hard to explain. However, this seems like good progress.

I’m currently running Geforce drivers 399.07 released 8/27/2018. I upgraded to this during troubleshooting, so the problem was happening on the previous (1 month old I think) GPU drivers too. I’m running Eve and many other apps on this machine without issue. I’m even running BiglyBT (a fork of Azureus/Vuze), which is a Java torrent downloader, 24/7 and can’t replicate any similar graphics issue within that java app. It is a little weird though in that it comes with it’s own copy of Java and doesn’t use the system installed copy.


  • On my desktop and two laptops, I can always reproduce jEveAssets failing to save additions to a stockpile. Just add an item to a stockpile, type item name, number of items, click OK (which should complete the addition), then click the X to close the program. Relaunch, and your stockpile addition is gone.
  • Repeat the same actions, but this time after adding the item to a stockpile, go to options -> options, and then just click OK. Now X to exit the app. Relaunch, and your stockpile addition will still be there. Just going into options and using “OK” to get right back out of it seems to cause the stockpile change to save.

I need to get some sleep, but I’ll keep looking into things and get you more info within the next day or two.

(Golden Gnu) #305

Thank you for going all the way troubleshooting this problem.
Could you take a look at the following issue:

It may or may not be related.

A quick google also turned up this stack overflow answer:

That may be of some help.

I’m able to reproduce the stockpile not being saved. I will fix it for the next release.

(Golden Gnu) #306

jEveAssets 5.7.3 released

Bug Fixes:
-All packed assets now have the correct volume (require latest data update)
-Better handling of corrupted settings and profile files
-Better handling of invalid ESI accounts (auth failures)
-Settings not saved when adding items to the stockpiles

-Updated eve-esi to 2.3.5 (URL encoding fixed)