jEveAssets 5.8.2 (2019-03-04)


(KenFlorian) #143

Please fix as you see fit.

Hearty Thanks to both of you!

(salacious necrosis) #144

Ok, you should be all set next time you pull from EveKit. Let me know if you still see problems.

(KenFlorian) #145

All good.


(Golden Gnu) #146

jEveAssets 5.3.0 released

New Features:
-Added count to Transactions statusbar and popup menu.
-Added difference between start and end date to the Tracker tool statusbar
-Last X Hours filter
-Unknown locations in the tracker are now resolved by citadel/structure updates
-Lookup for fuzzwork item database
-Structure update and EveKit tracker import can now be done in the background

Bug Fixes:
-Old Market Orders from the XmlAPI was never marked as done
-ESI error limit did not handle negative wait values
-Filter cache was not updated after adding/removing Tags
-Stockpile Export/Import could duplicate Tags

-Warn about assets with bugged locations
-Better handling of settings update failure
-Updated JFreeChart to version 1.5.0 (Fix a few problems)
-Updated EveKit library to 4.0.2
-Updated eve-esi to 2.0.0

(KenFlorian) #147

actually @salacious_necrosis

The four “Researching Material Productivity” which were active in an EC that went off-line for good, are still present in my jeve / EveKit data pull

(Golden Gnu) #148

That is most likely because of jEveAssets.
It only get new data from EveKit
Try the following:

  1. Go to: Options > Options… > EveKit
  2. Change the months value for Industry Jobs (Doesn’t matter what you change it to, as long as it’s not the same value as before)
  3. Update Industry Jobs
  4. Repeat the above steps, but, set the value to what it was before.

(Yenna Zambooruk) #149

Golden Gnu. Thanks for a great EVE tool, I couldn’t run my EVE business without it.

A query - I have just moved to a new region and the Routing Tool looks interesting. It is helping me to find my way around efficiently but I really need to travel between my Top 10-15 most valuable stations while the Tool seems to work ( say VALUE > 10,000,000) on the highest value item. So stations with 50+ items but no significantly valuable one are not on the route. Is there a way to build a query on the Assets page for the total value in the station ?


(Golden Gnu) #150

The way I would do it would be to use the Overview tool.

  1. Go to the Overview tool: Tools > Inventory > Overview
  2. Sort the table by the Value column
  3. Select the stations over a your desired value
  4. Right click the selection
  5. In the popup menu select: Routing > Stations
  6. In the routing tool: Generate the route

(KenFlorian) #151

This worked. Thank you.

Next clean up I just noticed…I still see Assets that were once in a Citadel but which was destroyed a long time ago. I don’t remember but it is possible that the assets went into Safety until I moved them to another location.

(Golden Gnu) #152

I just created an ESI issue for that today.
Destroyed items are sometimes returned by ESI. You can contact eve-support to get them removed, otherwise you have to wait until it’s fixed in ESI.

(Yenna Zambooruk) #153

Thanks, that worked very well.

I will have to checkout the right-click options more thoroughly !

(Emma DiTron) #154

I can’t see plex/amount that are store in plex vault of my chars. Is this by design?

(Golden Gnu) #155

It’s by design, but, not by my design.
CCP Game Design have made the decision that ESI should not contain any account level information. As the PLEX Vault is bound to the account, it’s not included in ESI.

I have plans for adding a manual PLEX Vault to jEveAssets that will allow you to manually track it.
But, I have no ETA for that ATM.

(Emma DiTron) #156

Well that explain the massive fluctuation in Value Tracking

(Jin Rot'hani) #157

is it possible to add activated skin licenses to assets or is that info not visible outside the client? I know it’s not really an asset since it’s bound, but it would make it so much easier to get an overview of all skins, stored or activated on all accounts.

(Golden Gnu) #158

I have not been able to find out if there is any way to get active skins. As I do not own any skins, I’m not able to test it myself. There is a fair chance that jEveAssets filter them out. If you send me an email (my email is on the wiki), I can send you a test build, so, you can test it for me.

(Johann Hemphill) #159

SKINs cease to be assets when they are activated and are added to the Skins inventory on the Character Sheet. A quick glance at the ESI spec doesn’t show any mention of SKINs, which makes sense because they are purely cosmetic.
e: OK @Golden_Gnu thanks for clarifying. Want me to contract you a SKIN?

(Golden Gnu) #160

Unless Skins are bound to the account (if they’re account items, they’re most likely not included anywhere), I think there is a chance they could be included in the assets list. The asset list also return all your learned skills and the skill currently in training. I filter those out, but, it’s possible that by filtering those out, I’m also filtering out the skins, so, I do not know, until it have been tested :slight_smile:

(Jin Rot'hani) #161

skins are shown in the character sheet like skills or implants. I can contract you a skin too i have hundreds. You can simply activate a skin from any location via the assets window

(Golden Gnu) #162

That would work, but, would cost you a skin as I would need to apply it. It’s up to you if that is the way you want to test it, the alterative is emailing me and I will send you a test build. It’s up to you. If you want to donate the skin, just contract it to this character :slight_smile: