jEveAssets 6.1.3 (2019-12-16)

makes sense - the odd part is that the info is available in game (the question mark on the character sheet shows total worth incl plex). come to think of it - i guess an option is to make a storage character on its own account and push the plex on that account then just store the plex as items in a hangar. its just kind of ugle and hacky
There is actualy a workaround - if you take plex out of the plex vault then update and put it back then it will show right but its just not practical when i pull data every day
is there a way to “smooth” the graph over time? as it is now i run an update each day but in 3-6-12 months im realy only interrested in the general trend and not daily swings (should improve performance too)

There is no option to smooth the tracker, but, you can delete and edit track points. Double clicking near the point you want to change, to show a popup with options. Do note, that changes made are final and can not be undone.

well i think i will start a new database since deleting say maybe 6 data points a week for the last 3-4 years is probably a bit too much. I realy love jeveassets and have used it as a guide to if im doing ok in eve since i started using it (i did loose my database like 3-4 years ago)
starting a new database also solves my plex problem … well kind of since im now storing the actual plex items in a jita hangar so it counts towards my total worth. btw is there a way to make it update on a schedule? i got it running on a pc thats always on and it could be cool to make it update at the same time each day (or each week for that matter) to avoid fluctuations based on time of day. come to think about it … is it possible to run jeveassets with a switch to update and maybe shutdown again too? im thinking i can just run it as a scheduled task.

Thank you very much for the kind words :slight_smile:
It’s always makes me happy to hear that jEveAssets is useful.

is it possible to run jeveassets with a switch to update and maybe shutdown again too

Yes, see the Wiki for details: jEveAssets Command Line Arguments
You will have to schedule it yourself with another program, though.
And it won’t work right if you have an instance of jEveAssets already running.

yeah i was planning to use windows task scheduler to run it every night so its updated
Then i just need to make it behave nicely with onedrive. i have to run it as portable to make the data go to onedrive instead of local to my pc (i run it from both my laptop and from a desktop at home)
im running this with a script but how about an ini file or something to set behavior and save path?

If you want to sync to cloud storage, your best bet is to make a symbol link

from the discord server:
Make a symbol link from the settings location ( to you cloud storage on both computers, so, it will be synced (alternative copy the settings to the cloud storage and make the symbol link to the settings location).
Note: don’t try to run jEveAssets both places at once unless you want a world of sync problems
Help with making symbol links … there is an option to use a shell extension too (that is what I did) otherwise it’s pretty well explained there.

EDIT: I should note that it may be helpful to use -lazysave if you’re having problems with your cloud software. Also explained on the wiki

yeah i did the symlink but actualy doing it through the program would be my number one choice since symlinks on windows is a bit non standard. and lazysave sounds nice … not a biggie though since i dont have problems with the sync. again i would much rather have it in som kind of setting file so i dont have to add it to my launch shortcut. -backgroundupdate is new to me and im going to go that route for auto updating

Symbolic Links are fully supported by Windows Vista and later.
However, If you want integrated support go add a :+1: reaction to the issue Cloud settings
Be sure to make a comment with your preferred service, too.

yeah i know its fully supported and im not complaining but its just a feature that hardly anyone uses. i think i can count on one hand the number of times i have seen it in use since vista came out and im working for an msp

Can’t access corp market orders - Is this related to the corp assets endpoint bug from back in Oct '17?

I’m probably just missing something obvious like I’m not the CEO or something…

If you add a corporation key, jEveAssets will update everything you’re allowed to update with your roles.
Most stuff require director. Contracts is the only thing everyone can get, if I remember right.
You can see what is enabled in the account manager. If it says No in the market orders column, it will not update, because, you’re missing roles. However, if it says Yes, and is still not working, let me know.

Where does JEveAssets get current Asset names from ?
I have a problem with series of items ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructor where Eve appears to use ACM Compact Armor Repairer.
The Assets Tab can be used to change the name but I have 100’s of locations. Do I have to manually change everyone?

And February patch has several names changes and merging of items?

JEveAssets is a great tool, I couldn’t run my Industry without it but it is awkward having different names.

jEveAssets get the names from the SDE. It was last updated 2020-01-21. I have pinged CCP Prism X on slack, hopefully he or one of the other Team Co. devs will have time to do a new release soon’ish.

EDIT: The updated SDE have been released and I will do the jEveAssets data release shortly

EDIT 2: Looks like they still have the old names in the current SDE, so, I’m not going to do the update, since it’s pretty much identical to the previous one.