jEveAssets 6.9.4 (2021-09-16)

I have another request if it’s not too much trouble for you.
Can you show changes in total worth window after it updates compared to previous values, to save me the trouble of exporting or making a screenshot everytime I update my assets?

Something like this:

Yes, feel free to update as often as jEveAssets allow you to. That is perfectly fine.

Thanks for doing support for jEveAssets

I already have an issue for that: Tracker: change summary


Feature Request: Add some Planetary Interaction (PI) tracking, specifically length of time left on Extractors but I’m sure other data would be useful.

Thanks for the great tool!

Is it available in API?

Evemon does it.

Uh, is the pricing data server down or something? I nearly had a heart attack since this happened right after I canceled/updated some sell orders… I was expecting a net negative change, but not quite this bad! :joy:

Options > Options… > Market Prices > set Price Source to something else and update prices again.

heart attack

That is only included in the premium version of jEveAssets, sorry. Only light jump scares are included in the open source and free version. /s


Hmm tried setting it to and updated, but that’s still producing crazy low values. Is there a cache or something I should clear?

I tried flipping back to and I now notice it has selected 0-3VW8 as “price system”… better to manually select Jita, I presume? Sorry I have never ventured into this menu item and I am not familiar.

That is only included in the premium version of jEveAssets, sorry.

I can tell you the cardiac workout was on-par with having about 10% hull left as you finally enter warp!

Jita is a good option. Do note that you still have to wait 1 hour between updating prices. Changing the price source does not change that.

cardiac workout

jEveAssets: As exciting as actually playing eve! :rocket:

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Initially the program worked on my MacBook, but now it is no longer showing values when I do updates. No matter what I do, or update option selected, I’m not getting any values shown, it is all 0 save for a few things.

Any ideas?

On Oz’s stream last night I heard him mention having trouble because both evemarketer and fuzzwork were down. Given CCP’s tweet yesterday, I wonder if they have been accidental victims of some aggressive rate limiting.

Small update:
Looks like fuzzwork price API is working again, evemarketer still haven’t recovered, but, I suspect it will be back soon’ish.
To change to fuzzwork pirce API: Options > Options… > Market Prices > set Price Source to Fuzzwork

I’m still broke, according to to fuzzwork. But I see this in the logs:

ERROR: 2021-03-09 06:39:29,936 [Price Fetching 1] - Error fetching price PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

Updating to the latest version of Java should fix that for you:
Unless you’re on a 32-bit system install the 64bit/x64 version.
Also, be sure to uninstall all versions of java before installing the new one.

Latest Java and fuzzwork indeed fixed it, and now my chart looks like: \o/

Thanks for your help!

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I use this for my market data, manufacturing, researching, and if I could use it to track my PI then it would literally be my one-stop-shop!

Specifically, I run extractor planets on multiple accounts so to see how long they have left and/or being able to sort them like I can with my research jobs would be a huge time saver!

Is anyone having issues running on macOS? I have the latest Java installed. I click the jar file and it looks like it’s going to launch and then disappears. Any ideas?

Open terminal and run it manually as

java -jar ./jeveassets.jar

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jEveAssets 6.8.0 released

New Features:
-Added current location and ship columns to Industry Slot and Isk (by Dultas)
-Added system and constellation columns to all tools with a location column
-Added constellation view to Overview
-Added constellations to zKillboard and Dotlan location lookup
-Added constellations to Stockpile locations

Bug Fixes:
-Fix spelling error in Tracker delete-item warning (by jhmartin)
-NPE in AssetAddedData.getAdd() (BugID: 893)
-Outbid did not handle equal prices
-Market order outbid was never being cleared of old entries (Issue #239)
-Fixed Transactions Profit % column giving the wrong value
-Better handle when price APIs return zero prices
-Industry Slots won’t load filters (Issue #242)
-New columns at the end of the TableFormat was added at the wrong index
-Ensured Copy, Paste, Cut, and Select All shortcuts works on a Mac (Issue #243)
-Fixed corporation transactions wallet division incorrectly showing division 1

Note: Required static data 2021-03-25 for constellations to work

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If Tinto’s advice doesn’t work, feel free to join the discord and I will try to help you with it.

As always, thank you for providing support for jEveAssets :sunglasses:

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