jEveAssets 7.0.0 (2021-12-16)

Doing: Update > Update... from the menu will close your orders.
Doing the update in the market orders tool will not close your orders, it will only update the orders while they’re active.

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Thanks! That worked!

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I have been wondering, is jEveAssets affected in any way by the vulnerabilities discovered in log4j earlier this month?

The short answer is no.
If you want more detail you can check the issue for it: Log4j / Log4Shell v1.x / v2.x vulnerabilities · Issue #292 · GoldenGnu/jeveassets · GitHub

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ESI > IDs to Names
Error Code: 503
{"error":"The datasource tranquility is temporarily unavailable"}

Is this to be expected ATM?

Is there a way to check the change in specific asset values between two ESI updates?

For example:

  • Total asset value on Day 1 = 100b
  • Update all ESI endpoints two weeks later with zero change in assets
  • Total asset value on Day 14 = 110b

In this scenario no assets have been added or subtracted, thus the change in total asset value is entirely a change in reported prices of assets. Is there a way to track changes in asset pricing by update interval at the level of individual assets?

Not currently.
There are a couple of issues for features like that:

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That was due to part of ESI being down.

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