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We’ve been hard at work, look at the Black Eye we gave Black Flag!

We made a Short too from a different Black Flag kill!


At Approximately 2024.01.20 20:15 ET, the Ichinumi War HG for Black Flag comes out of RF.

It’s a kill timer, so if you’re in the area and wardecced by Black Flag, let’s rock and roll and kick some Black Flag!

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As an update, op success! 66 Black Flag Wars have ended! Now who’s next :smiling_imp:

Join up to stand up against bullies!

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Video to the above op success!

Vanguard is showing promise! SLOW: Dust To Dust - EVE Vanguard

What’s this? A YouTube Short? A RECRUITMENT YouTube Short??

Bump! Something special in the works! Enjoy this YT Short in the meantime!

We had a BLAST shooting at FRAT the other day, check it out!

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Here’s a neat Orthrus kill we got during the video!

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Did you check out our Domi kill we got during the FRAT TAX video? If not, here’s a shortened version!

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We’ve been getting a lot of fun kills recently, we defended our ESS and got a very expensive Gila!! (I think the Abyssal mods add a bil!)

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Got some fun cap kills the other day in Villasen! You should check out the quick little video we made!

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Did you know that SL0W can BLOPs Drop? This Domi found that fact out quick!

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Here’s a throwback to our first SLOW Simulations How To Broadcast for Repairs!

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Here’s our newest SLOW Simulation video! How To Avoid Warp Bubbles!

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