League of Gentlemen is recruiting! Looking for PVP/PVE/Indy players! We're a well established null sec corp looking for some new blood!

Not long to fanfest and whatever crazy anouncments CCP are going to make.
Best make sure your in the right corp to make the most of whatever is coming next in EVE, join LOG Pub today to find out more :crazy_face:

Limited new bro spaces still available.

So fanfest brought news of skins and Heraldry, longevity and new tools for new content. Drop by LOG Pub today to chat more about the future of Eve and see if your place in this universe is along side us.

Recruitment open, looking for a small number of new bros to bring through the ranks.
More experianced players welcome to apply as always.
Voice comms very important.

Drop by LOG Pub to find out more.

Recruitment open, looking for a number of new bros to bring through the ranks.
More experienced players welcome to apply as always.
Voice comms very important.

Drop by LOG Pub to find out more.

Thanks to Trust for fixing my spelling. As well has having awsome pilots that support each other in space, they are also great at supporting our spelling and gramer… :crazy_face:

Join LOG Pub today to find out more about being back in high school and being taught English… I mean spaceships and EVE :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open, looking for a few brave newbros to take under our wing.
Vets welcome as always.

Another new member suduced by the size fo our LOG cabin and the stories we tell around the fires.

Drop by LOG Pub this very evening to find out more about us and join some fun.

Few new USTZ players in recent weeks, would welcome some EU timezone players.
Newbros will be considered, training provided, but you need to be willing to listen if we make the effort to train :slight_smile:

Roll up, roll up, come one, come all and see the wonders of the Temptress Truborn and her amazing feet! :heart_eyes:

Only corp members are allowed to see these truly wonderous assets, some come by LOG Pub today and dont miss out on feet pics, weekly. :crazy_face:

All good with this corp :slight_smile:

We have free cookies!

Enticed by feet pics and the chance to chat to vets and returning players a like, we added another willing victim to our ranks last night.

Drop by log pub today to see if LOG is your forever home :slight_smile:

I feel the need!
The need for … Shining Ytterbite… :crazy_face: :laughing: :wink:

Two fish in a tank
One turns to the other and says
How do we drive things thing!

For more comedy gold, drop by LOG Pub today! :rofl:

Don’t waste your opertunity to improve the game. Please vote in the CSM elections and maintain the player power it gives us.

Its extreamly important that we as players have representation throught the CSM to CCP, its vitally important and unique to EVE Online.

Please vote.

Recruitment open and going strong.

If your returning to eve from a break, or a newbro looking to get some support starting out in EVE, drop by the LOG Pub channel.

Make sure you use your CSM vote! Its very important!

We are still recruiting!

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If you are looking for a stable social group to play with then look no further. LoG is one of the oldest Corps in Eve, we are a great mix of PVP and Crabbing. We live in fountain and have some of the most profitable space in eve.

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Come join a great Corp and Alliance!!