Leverage Investments - 0.0 Skirmish PvP + ISK [HEDG3]

"Fly together, Learn together, Earn together."

Our Mission:
We aim to grow our specialized small to mid-sized gang PvP and ISK making activities with a Sov-holding alliance located in Scalding Pass.

Who We Want:
Eager and motivated PvPers who want a close knit group to fly fast skirmish comps.

We currently live in Null Sec with a closed off pocket close to a variety of regions good for PVP.
We aim to build a PVP community, but understand that all walks of life are required for a healthy functioning Alliance.

Looking for organized fleets with experienced FCs in valuable space to finance your PvP career without being an F1 monkey, stuck in time dilation fighting for the big blue doughnut on CTAs?

.: Where to find us :.
“HEDG3 Pub” or EveMail Jak’at, Nelf Aldent or Hedge Fox

.: What we’re looking for :.

  • PVP Focused Pilots.
  • PVE (Ratters/Site Runners) Pilots.

.: What we offer :.

  • Skirmish and Sov PvP
  • New-Bro PvP Training and Testing (Tackle, EWAR, BlackOps)
  • C5+ Wormhole PvE Training
  • 0.0 Exploration + Site Running
  • Discord Comms
  • Wormhole access, exploitation for profit.
  • ABC Ore mining + boosts
  • Multiple options for Logistics

.: What our Alliance can offer :.

  • Sov in a dead end pocket
  • More New-Bro Pilot Training
  • Doctrine ships on contract for purchase
  • Moon mining
  • Ore Buybacks to finance your PVP
  • Ice belts (x 4) and a mix of planets for production of PI/fuel
  • JF service run by alliance
  • Pilots active over US/EU tz and even some lonely pilots living in the AU tz
  • Alliance owned EC’s for the manufacturing of everything up to and including capitals
  • Freedom to conduct ratting and mining operations througout the entire pocket

.: Requirements :.

  • Full API
  • Microphone
  • Ad-hoc PvP + Skirmish gangs
  • 6mil SP preferred, but reviewed on case by case basis
  • 3rd party tools
  • Passion to play EvE Online by actually logging in!
  • English-speaking
  • Covert Ops probing experience a plus! (but we can train)
  • Ability to fly one or more of: Interceptor, Interdictor, EAF, Logi Frigates, Tactical Destroyer, Command Destroyer.

If you have Questions join us in “HEDG3 Pub” and speak to one of our corp members or recruiters.

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