LF C5+ or nulsec PVE/indy corp

Hi, I’m currently in a nulsec renter corp and things haven’t exactly meshed for me so I’m looking to move elsewhere. I’ve worked it out with the leadership and am posting under this holder just out of respect for the corp to make this transition as drama free as possible. Ideally, I’m looking at the east side for nulsec since the west is just so much drama and that really isn’t my thing right now.

Pilots include a nid/hel main, a rorq, and three skiffs. I’ll obviously not fly these ships at the start until I get a sense of what we’re dealing with. Will of course contribute to home defense PVP, but I’m not looking for a PVP corp. Contributions would be more in the way of boosts, tax and corp req’d mining ops.

Shoot me a convo or reply here and let’s work something out :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply but I’m set on not joining a PVP corp.

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We are far more than that :smiley: sniffs a line of crash

Yeah, but your ad itself states multiple times that PVP is central to your corp and you require participation in the fleets. I’m not saying I won’t do it down the line, but I’m not down for it atm since I do my pvp in other games :wink:

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