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Hey all - I live in Hawaii and am now trying to play when I get a chance to but am finally back on here and looking for a group - mainly for mining really and missions at the moment and perhaps more later on - currently stationed at Apanake and its surrounding areas - hope to hear back soon!

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Hello @Tekichan_Awong,

I use to mission along time ago, it was pretty cool and I was introduced to this wonderful game we hate to love. I practiced my individual mitigation damage and later became a pretty good PVP pilot.

If you want more from EVE content, please come and check out who and what we are…

Hope to see ya in space,

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Hey Tekichan Awong:

I normally don’t post replies to threads such as yours but if you have an interested in pvp you should check us out. Experience doesn’t matter we just want people who want to fight and we can help you with the rest :slight_smile:

Since we live in Lowsec Solitude there is also plenty of opportunity to PvE (Missions/Mining/Scanning etc) in both the lowsec and highsec areas of the region. We also live near Syndicate so some 0.0 excursions as well. We’re mostly US TZ so someone should always be around when you’re on to lend a hand.

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