Looking for a 0.0 Corp with some Wormhole Ops

I’ve been watching Twitch TV streams of Eve for over a year now, and decided I’d just jump in. What I’d love to do, is get involved with a corporation in an alliance and experience 0.0. I’d also like to dip into Wormholes, if you are recruiting, I’m looking to join. I’ve read some of the corporations require a certain amount of skill points, I have a little over 3 million. I am training into Amarian lasers and ships.

I’ve done all the tutorials, and first level mission agents. I also “kind of” know how to PVP from watching, but I’ve yet to experience it.

I want to be a PVP god, help a dreamer out!

Please send me a message in game.

Hi Funkmeer,

We are the perfect group for you then! B0SS Alliance is recruiting!



Check us out.

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