Looking for a corp that has acess to and a solid group that can provide help in prodution! lots of toons

Hello there fellow capsuleers.

After a 1 year break i came back to eve.

1st of all id like to inform that my presence during the upcomming summer will be sorta spotty. After august until october ill be pretty irregular with login time.

2nd I prefer a EU TZ as im most of the time GMT + 2 but a large corp or alliance with ppl in all TZ are prefered.
3rd I spent 80% of my time in WH space and the rest stuck inside a station in Hi.sec so im looking for a change.

pilots description:

+40+ mil SP main toon with access to ship and pew skills: Recently is flyin an orca as im levelling skills for rorq so a corp where i can in the future use one “safely” is prefered

+Scanner alt + bomber pilot + DST pilot

+4 market alts but ill only move one with me in case i go to null at best so dont count much on these

  • 2 industrialists in trainning (production skill but considering swapping a bit to mining skills to complement the orca i can now fly) – These are the reasons i wanna find a corp. I wanna start building FOR PROFIT and thus id like a place with a lot and varied structures to optimize it. Also some tips getting into it :slight_smile:

The main activities im looking for atm are mainly generate income be it doing sites and (now wanting to finnaly try after years of eve) minning with options for both solo and group play as safe as possible. This is because for the next 2 months im not sure on how much time ill have.

This doesnt mean i dont pew. The ocasional roamming fleet CTA and stuff like that im always all in for it !!

Also in case it matters im a 29year old dude with acess and love for voice comms.

Any questions or additional information needed please post here or contact me ingame ACreatorPT

If you think your corp is the place for me or you have any suggestion feel free to leave a comment here.

thx for your time and hope to hear from you guys :smiley:

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@ACreatorPT well thats quite a lot you have going on there. Want to come use that in the war effort? Right Click Jump To - RCJT and find me in discord rangerwolfy#4987

@ISD_Fractal well 1st of all sorry for the trouble. 2nd of all where did i even post it initially? my intention was to post it where it is now but i clearly did something wrong xD

again sry 4 the trouble

It was in the Character Bazaar. No problem though :slight_smile: Good luck finding a corp!

Hey man! I will mail you in game, take a look on us - [MDLAB] - relaxed null sec corporation great place for you!

Hey dude if your interested we’re a small WH corp pm me ingame if your interested Nothing on D is recruiting for WH PVP Pilots

Already spoke to the people that posted here and im still evaluating the situation. Would love some more options :slight_smile: wanting to get a really good fit for every1 :smiley:

And thanks for taking the time and effort!

Our small group is growing and it would be great to have another indie pilot that would want to learn t2 invention, t2 production, t1 mass production (your mining will come in useful here), and PI, which can supplement your t2 production needs or just provide passive isk that can back up or jump start your other indie activities.

I can teach you how to do all these things and once you got it down, and we have our basic needs met, you’re free to spread your wings and produce whatever you want, though I doubt you’ll need to make anything else.

So, if you’re interested in this for your alts, and a nice mentor pvp group for your main, let me know.

first of all thank you for taking the time :slight_smile:
sadly (and after thinking on it for a bit more and discussing with some people) im more siding with joining a null sec corp :S Specialy given that i dotn want to faction scar my main on the times i do pvp.

fly safe and gl finding people :slight_smile:

As a side note im still looking for a corp :slight_smile: something industry focused :smiley: like those dedicated null industry corps part of the big alliances maybe

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We are a smallish mining and industrial group out in Null and are looking for new people… we have a wide variety of folks from US, Brazil, EU, AUS. We might be a good fit for you… come by and chat with one of our recruiters :smiley:

I think you may enjoy flying with us.

We are a mature, RL-first corp across US and EU timezones. We are largely industry and PVE focussed although we live in null so some PVP activity comes with that lifestyle.

We have many returning players such as yourself but we have a focus on training new players so will be happy to help you fill in any gaps in your knowledge (and many of our returning members find it rewarding to share their knowledge with brand new pilots as well)

We have substantial offline comms including corp and alliance discord, corp forums and a buyback programme, all of which are designed to allow members to keep in touch around their schedules, not the other way around. No compulsory CTAs or other ops

I’ve posted more information on our recruitment advert but please feel free to get in touch in game if you have any questions…

Well 1st of all id like to thank every1 for taking the time and interest! iv talked with some of you and not so much with others, but in these days, and given the irregularity of my playtime, iv decided that pherphaps its best for me to sit arround and postphone the find a corp decision until October, where my playtime should regularize.

As such once agains for you time and interest!

Fly safe!

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