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Hello everyone.

I have decided to look for a corp with mining activities. I also enjoy exploration and killing npc’s. Have not done any pvp but would not object to the occasional fleet.

Looking for a casual friendly corp. My schedule can cause a week or two of not playing EVE. Also limited hours weekly. A corp okay with not always available for discord chat but listening without speaking.

48 year old west coast U.S. player. 3 omega accounts. Want all 3 together in corp.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please reply here or in game. 07


After looking through your your specifications, I think my corp would be a great fit as we are a mining corp with a buyback program. With your schedule, as long as a heads up is given, being away for a week or two is completely fine as our corp is extremely flexible. If you ever want to know more, check us out, or join, come talk with us!


To the top. And thank you for the replies!

We are recruiting

Hi, Im a returning player who is running a small corp. We have big goals to extend into every aspect of the game and I think we would be perfect for you. I enjoy helping the newbros that join my corp and we learn alot together. Send me a mail in-game @ Kronic Omanid or apply directly to Code Four.

Thanks everyone!

:eu: UK-US-AU-EU - Active Established Null sec Corporation - GoonSwarm Federation - Looking for miners - Ratters and PvP pilots - I-FED - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

come speak to us

Do you consider yourself pure and righteous of heart Redo Devoe? Do you dislike those preying on the ignorant and honest? The Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is calling every righteous soul to fight the waves of chaos and plunder, helping to build a New Eden where virtue thrives.

[The narrative rephrased]

Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is an established corp of kindred spirits that has a character requirement (instead of a skillpoint requirement), with strong branches in PVP, PVE, industry and mining. As member of the Sev3rance alliance [-7-] we live in 0.0 space Fade. In PVP we fly everything from frigates to capitals, making already more than 42.000 kills on the enemies of a just civilization.

Interested? Check our full corp ad or join our discord.

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Thanks again everyone!

small corp that belongs to alliance currently in min LS looking to expand our TZ into US, we have corp mining fleets, incursions, C3 WH ( new ) and occs alliance roaming pvp if u wanna join… jump into shield107, in game, for a chat/more info - cheers Edrik

Thanks again!

Hi Rebo,

If you are looking for a laid back group of players who like to work together to achieve big things in Eve, while hanging together on comms and having a laugh then 4S maybe for you.

Watch 4S in Action

Join our Discord and send us a message: 4S Gaming

Fly safe

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Hey hey! Can I interest you in STGIS?

Bunp it to the top. Taking my time and seeing the options available. Thanks again!

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