Looking for a LS corp

Hey guys,

I’m looking to join a UK/EU timezone Corp. I’ve recently started playing again, and as much as I love the solo life, finding good fites is hard.

I’m a 75M+ character, usually dying in the most embarrassing ways possible.

I’m looking for a chilled out low-sec based PvP Corp. I prefer small-gang/ dirty gate camps. One where I can chat ■■■■ and bang out nerds. One that’ll laugh at me when I lose a marauder to Trigs. One where I don’t need a frickin’ interview to play a video game.

Any takers?
Cheers :slight_smile:

P.s. I am sh1t :joy:

Hello Sh1t

We are Sh1t as well and so we should be Sh1t together.

We are actually a High sec corp (PLEASE!!! NO!!) that are trying to recruit a solid EU bunch of PVP focused people to do Yeet fleets and maybe some Blops. We talking 5-10 people that are solid at small gangs and are willing to work together to get some sweet kills.

If this sounds like if could be your cup of Sh1t then come drink with us.

Sounds like my cup of sh1t indeed, I’ll drop you a in-game after work :slight_smile:

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