Looking for a newbie friendly AEST corporation

Hey all,

I’ve played Eve on and off for many, many years. I am looking for a corp loosely based in AEST timezone to call home. You need to be very newbie friendly as I’ve essentially forgotten everything about the game.

I logged in today only to realise how little I remember. I don’t remember where I am, why I have so many assets scattered all over the place or even if it’s safe to undock as my old corp booted me for inactivity about 2 years ago.

If anyone would like to catch up Discord and have a chat - I’d love to say Hi and get to know you.

You Are Welcome With us :grinning:
Join Our Corp Discord

We have a very friendly corp. I just came back after 10 years in the same boat as you and this corp really helped get me back into the swing of things. Heavily into Mining and Industry and branching into PVE. Check my character out in game or check out the corp. Duster Technology and Logistics Company. We are located in High Sec near Dodixie.

Hello Sebaa,
If you are not against starter corps then let’s have a chat in the discord as you mentioned :slight_smile:
I’ll give you this link so you can read a little about how i would like this to end up in the future.

There is also the discord link to my recruitment channel :slight_smile:
Hope to hear from you // Tryme

Hey, Sebba!
We are a pretty chill group of guys who just love this game! Let’s get together and have a chat!
You can find out some info about our Corp through the provided link on how to get ahold of us!
I look forward to hearing from you!

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