Looking for a small corp in null


Returning newb here (played a fwe months in 2009).
I’m looking for a small corp with systems in null where I can ratt and do explorations. My end-goal is to make a lot of ISK and train for pvp, also wanna explore industry.

I’m a casual and I don’t wanna go through a long recruitment process.

I think Enslave. would be a great fit for you. Its a great group thats been together 6+ years. You can expect anywhere from 5-15 members on at any given time. We have secure null space and multiple moons for all your isk making needs. There’s daily optional PvP fleets that are always fun.

We’re part of the newly formed Bow Down. alliance, and in a coaltion with a few other well respected groups.

Join Enslave Public in gane channel and or eve mail Priest Valton or Raven Hyperbolic for recruutment.

Good luck in your search.


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