Looking for active voice chat Corp to grow with

Hi @Max_Dynamis,

I represent a very active medium-size alliance in low-security space. We are not only active, we are very social and our comms generally have more of a relaxed lounge-type atmosphere. If I were to guess at specifics, I would say that the average age is provably late-30’s (but we still have room for a few grandpas and a few young guns), so we’ve lived a little but we’re not done living yet. We know how to move with urgency when we need to, but we’re not prone to panic or frantic comm-screeching that a lot of the younger organizations struggle with.

Many of us have been playing for 10 years or more and enjoy helping new players get to know the game and help returning players find where all the buttons got moved to while they were away. Take a look at our ad if you’re interested. There are many exploration, mining, and PvP opportunities in our area of space and plenty of people to help you get on your feet and provide recommendations on how to maximize your fun and profits in eve.