Looking for: Casual-Noob-friendly-PvE-0.0/null-NRDS-Compliant Alliance


As staged in title.
Originated from this post:

Looking for:

  • chance to experience 0.0/null
  • NO PvP (if possible)
  • PvE oriented gamepley
  • solo gameplay
  • NRDS pocket (?)
  • no forced group activities
  • no strings attached
  • respect for: “I play alone among other people” - unless I change my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Possible ? Anyone ?

Null Pocket
PVP if you want, nothing forced
pew pew oriented gameplay
Solo if you want to
Nothing forced

Thanx for the fast reply.
Maybe You didn’t noticed and probably I should’ve mention it somewhere loud and clear but all my 3 accounts are alpha clones and I don’t intend to buy plex for them (at least not in near future). So I won’t be able to fly any of ships mentioned in requirements on Your site:

As I mentioned I’m looking for some casual gamepley with 0.0/null experience if that’s even possible.

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