Looking for casual Null sec living, 120m & 160m sp

Hi, i have 2 characters 120m and 160m sp
Looking for somewhere in 0.0 with a casual easy going style. I have a young family so time can be short, but normally have a window to play EU evenings.

you are welcome with us :grinning:

Feel free to drop by for a chat

Hey, good afternoon :slight_smile:

Sounds you are looking for what I did few years ago when I got back to EVE, but this time with some kids extra, and missus :slight_smile:

If you wanna know more about us, you can read (after you read below to not waste your time) HERE. It’s the EVE Forum Recruitment thread.

But to sum it up abit;
we are a mixed group, medium sized corp but split on mainly 3 tz (us/eu/au), so the feeling is pretty ‘tight knit group’, we belong to a larger alliance (The Initiative) so that makes it possible to offer pretty much all ‘content’ there is out there to play with.

Our playerbase is not only mixed in timezones but aswell playstyle, some loves ratting, some pvp only, some do the mining thing and some just like ship spinning. In common - we have the goal to support our alliance in fleets. It doesn’t mean a family man like yourself doesn’t suit with us tho… most of us have kids, familys in some way or hobbies/work that makes it just not possible to join fleets. Or perhaps you are just in the middle of something else - and that’s fine <3 We do encourage committment and teamplay tho, always =)

  • RL understanding, EVE is not a job. I don’t expect you to be online 24/7 and I hope it’s mutual… I wont be online 24/7 either :slight_smile:
  • A toxic atmosphere is not tolerated in UMAH. Internet bullying can F off and it’s not something that shall be growing in our corporation.

If you have made it this far … then take a read on the link above, there you can find more info about us, what we can offer and who we are <3

If not us - then I hope you find another awesome corp that is suitable for you!

TSSOC is exactly that, laid back, long time corp in 0.0

come say hi !


We are a bunch of old time players who came back during COVID and just kept on rolling. Most came back with gamilys and you g children outlrselves.

We are apart of we form blob and are the US TZ with a good amount of EU players check us out in-game at in-game channel “keebler moon elves”

Into the Ether 5

Faction warfare is a stronger alternative for casual gameplay. Constant content without deployment, and most industry is in quiet systems (and even highsec) to support the warzone.

Good fights, too:

WarBG and RTF. are always looking for pilots and corps seeking that less die hard life style.

If you havent found a home yet, look Wraithguard up

Hey Keon, The Visage might be a good fit for you. Drop on to our Discord channel and have a chat with us if you are still looking for a relaxed PvP late EU TZ group.

Hey dude, give us a try, happy to chat more :slight_smile:

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