Looking for laid back EUTZ PVP LS corp

Looking for laid back LS\FW corp to call home loose my ISK with. I’m a 71M SP returning player that wants to pick up the game again.

I’m a subcap pilot looking for small\medium size fleets.

ure more then welcome :smiley:

hey mate, we only recruit those who we think are a good fit. for what we stand for see here - Check our of summer special offer - Free beer, 20% off drugs and 30% off in any brothel

For our recruitment pages see here - start [WR0NG Alliance Wiki]

come say here and happy to have a discord chat with you, we have brought on board around 45 players this months alone

We are always recruiting

Hello there, your welcome to come join us on discord (wrecky#4222) or join our public in-game channel “Aurora Dynamics Public” We’re mixed time zones US-EU-UK

Regular Pvp Content
Null-sec mining – Ice Belts, Ore Anomaly’s, Regular Belts and Moons R4 R8 R16 R32 R64
Null-sec Ratting – Free Reign to rat and a low corp tax rate
Manufacturing, research, and reactions
Regular Jump Freighter Service
Ore Buy back Program
Easy market access to two big market hubs
Alliance Run SRP and much much more
Lots of opportunities to use carriers

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