Looking for low-sec UK/EU PVP corp

Greetings Guys,

I’m looking for serious small gang low-sec PVP fun (maybe some wormhole farming too) with my main character. I’m returning after skipping roughly 5 years so probably I will need to learn some bits and pieces again.

Character sheet: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Exemplaro_Skygarr
Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/character/444429747/

I have also got: booster alt with Tengu, an alt that’s capable of flying a Nomad and another one with carrier skills.

Exemplaro Skygarr

Check out wormholes man, lowsec meta is pretty meh atm… great for roaming but not for living.

We roam lowsec several times a week, mostly when there’s no decent nullsec nanogang or WH brawl content. Focused on purely PvP, mostly 100-200m SP veterans.

Hey bro check us out, i think we’re exactly what youre looking for.

Hope to hear from you soon

o/ @Exemplaro_Skygarr & welcome back to Eve

By small gang low sec pvp, would you be interested by Faction Warfare ? We are Ushra’Khan, oldest existing alliance of the game and main Minmatar FW Alliance.

We don’t care about red in the zkillboard and have no CTAs : real life comes first. Undock and fight when are you are logged in :slight_smile:

Hope to see you in the battlefield !

About our corp :

Full post is here : [K.E.A] Kill'em All: Minmatar Faction Warfare PVP with Ushra'Khan [UNITY]

Not my group, but I’d recommend checking out Darwinism. Say you heard of em through a friend of WSD.

Hey man!

You sound like a perfect candidate for our small group. I think we’re around 50% UK with the rest from other EU places, definitely EUTZ. We live 1j from Amamake, so content is always there, and do mostly small-/nano-gang stuff, solo pvp, and sometimes blops shenanigans. Our alliance is very capable of killing bigger stuff as well, but generally follows the same mindset: fly in small groups and team up for juicy stuff.

In any case, I’d love to have a chat with you. You can find more info and contacts in our recruitment ad:

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