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Fellow capsuleers,

I’m a returning EVE player having first registered this account in 2012 and playing on and off for a while I have decided it’s time for a return to the EVE universe.

I’m a 7.3 mil SP pilot mostly skilled for mining flying a Mackinaw. I’m 29 years old, living in the Netherlands, timezone GMT+2. My hobbies are sim racing and I’m running a team which has been going great the last 2 years.

I’m looking for a corp that is friendly for new / returning players. Preferably based in Lowsec / Nullsec. With mining and industry as main focus and EU based.

Happy to share more information as needed and I’m looking forward to potentially getting into business with you!

Best regards,

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Greetings , if you looking for null, check this guys out. https://forums.eveonline.com/t/dacian-armarda-take-your-corp-to-the-next-level/127539/14


Hello Nicky Ormand

At the Academy of the Unseen Arts, we are a small independent corporation that is growing day by day. We currently avg about 30 to 35 people in the EU, 15 to 20 in the USA and really are working on getting our Australian time zone filled as well.

We have an ethos about helping people grow and are always looking for new people to help us with this. We are based out of 3 content headquarters within The Citadel area of Caldari space. Each headquarter act like a hub for their dedicated activity and puts like-minded people together to help each other learn but also helps with the social aspect of the game.

Daily Mission Running, We run Forward Operating Bases, Exploration, Abyssal Frigate Fleets and people do Solo Abyssal in Cruisers

Daily moon mining fleets with boosters, Corp BPC Library, Access to Raitaru for manufacturing and of course, we run an Ore Buy Back and Sell program

Daily low sec wolf pack fleets, Gate Camps, WH Structure Bashing, Null Sec Fleets, NPSI Friendly, Streamer friendly, PVP Training Sessions

Think of us as your online space family where you can do what you want within a social environment as we don’t force you to do anything that you don’t want to do. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to. People will offer you content that you can join and it is up to you if you accept it or not but you will never be forced to do anything.

My corporation will be more about the people in it being there for each other to help guide and grow the younger pilots but also have fun together.

I am in the UK so will be online in that time zone most nights but not every night. Real Life comes first with me due to family and you would never have to feel like you need to be on all the time.

My corp will never join an Alliance or move into Null sec so be assured that you will not have to move to there in 1 month like so many other corporations that start out. I do not like null and so will not be going there other than to kill them. :wink:

We only use discord for outside chats and also fleet communications.

Public: ART5

I hope you give us a look.
Eric Shang



You can give us a look

We are operating in High Space although we have clearance for WH space where the alliance operates.

Contact me in game for more
Fly Safe



SINISTER. is looking for more capsuleers to join their triglavian based corp. We can teach you how to make a living from the abyssal depths and ultilize triglavian vessels into combat or pve.

Member of the Wrecking Machine

■ Co-Op Abyssal Deadspace T4/T5
■ Triglavian invasions [specialized]
■ Triglavian combat
■ Triglavian T1/T2 industry
■ Triglavian mining
■ Daily fleets

We’re casuals, we love EVE

Join our Discord discord to learn more. or convo me.


You should consider joining The Phoenix Uprising! They are a hybrid Nullsec Industry/PVP corp part of the Federation Uprising alliance, a Nullsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition. We have great mining space and alliance mining ops as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord: FEDUP Public

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Hi Nicky, we are a Nullsec Industry Corp with members login EU Timezone.
I have sent you a PM in-game that has information about us.
Hope to see you in fleet 07


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