Looking to join Indy Corp

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My corp is a mainly mining and industry corp based in npc null sec, and we are currently looking for more miners! We have at least one moon popping every single day, and we also have facilities for reprocessing, manufacturing reactions and a market hub in system. We are in a great alliance that also does mainly mining and industry, and we work extremely closely with them for mining fleets and other ops. If you have any questions, please feel free to mail me in game @ Bob Huunnuras

Hello, just in case you were interested, Cyntech is a corp that does industrial and mine quite a bit. If you are looking for moons and nullsec mining, give me a shout. We build up through capitals

Hey @Talgon_Eado_Drovotet , if you want to try a small corp just starting which organises public fleets into 0.0., look over to the PuffinSquad thread - would be happy to have some players who help out with roid shooting in High-Sec. Corp is also for socialising and laid back, we all got Rl and want to have fun not a second work…



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