Make the Leap into Null Sec with DANJEV a BRAVE Alliance Corp

Hi there Billy Mays’ cousin-brother-uncle-sister’s neighbor’s dog twice removed of someone I don’t know am here to tell you about DANJEV! Looking for players looking to learn the ropes and help us have fun. Are you a Newbro? Better yet, a Salty Old Vet? Looking to live in Null? With the upcoming updates coming to Null no better time than now to join in. Looking to make that awesome isk? Wanna play the game your way? Are you just looking for fun? Maybe you are a soloist industry type or PVP’er. No matter how you love to play the game. We would love you to join in and play it your way with us. That is all you gotta do, Join and play your way. I can do the old cookie cutter copy paste ad about what there is to do in Null. You have all read the recruiting ads. All of them the same. And… yes we have all those things too. We just don’t feel the need to spew out garble.

I can tell you we are part of the Brave Alliance and all that goes with it. We are a small Corp, All USTZ just looking for a few more players to have some fun. Come help us mine/rat/build/fight live and die side by side all in the name of ISK.

Newbros welcome with the willingness to do some leg work and we can show you the rest. We want to help new players to keep the game growing. This is an exciting time to move to Null with the New Eve expansions coming. The real isk is in Null and Worm Holes. We even have those too in Brave. High Sec is just a stepping stone. Looking for the big isk? Head to Null my friend. Old Miner 49’r the null is growing fast be a part of it. Forge your Destiny and History of Eve with us… DANJEV!

:biohazard: Loads of ISK Making Opportunities
:biohazard: Alpha, Newbros Welcome!
:biohazard: Real Life First Mentality No Mandatory Requirements!
:biohazard: PVP/PVE
:biohazard: Let us teach you how to make Dank ISK!
:biohazard: Group Ratting Salvaging/Mining

In Game Public Channel: DanJev Pub
DANJEV Application!


Come check us out!


Null is kicking! Come join us!

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