Need null sec corp to join

Haven’t played that much got 3.9mill sp and just looking for a null sec Corp that I can join and has a reasonable market that I can buy new ships from aswell as a place to be able to rat. More than happy to join pvp fleets and blow stuff up for fun. Timezone NZDT

Drop on by our discord , we might be able to help you

✠══ RECALL Alliance ══✠

✪ We Are Now Looking For Corps/Members
✪ Small corps welcome
✪ PvP Alliance
✪ SRP Fleets
✪ Roam To Grow Expand
✪ Discord For Coms
✪ Not Renters
✪ 0%Tax
✪ Pure Blind Null Sec Alliance
RECALL Alliance | Alliance | zKillboard
Map: Pure Blind - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Hey mate, have a look at Oh Bugga, AU/NZ corp plenty of active members, and across the corp and alliance we have a few NZ guys. Would love to have you.

Hi Wolf! You may want to check out DadTZ, below are some details. We have a healthy staging market and provide a pack of ships to get you started with when you join! If you’ve got any questions feel free to hit me up on our Discord!

Best of luck in your search!

2021 Q4 Release: DadTZ 21 Q4 Release

To apply please stop by our Discord and reach out in the recruitment channel: DadTZ


  • Welcome package worth 100M+ to get you flying day one in staging
  • 120% SRP on all Corp & Alliance fleets
  • Respect of Time Policy - Content that is scheduled, not last minute
  • Alliance Buyback & Courier services in all staging systems
  • PvP Prosperity Program where we funnel Billions back to DadTZ members for their PvP
  • Experienced Leadership & FC team to help guide and mentor you on your journey
  • A healthy Eve/Life balance. No pressure, no rage pings, etc
  • Dad Jokes, naturally

Mission Statement:

“To build a home in null sec where you can take as many fights as possible without sacrificing your real life for pixels.”

hey come check us out o7

DOWN UNDER WANTS YOU! [EU | US | AU TZ] NULL SEC - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy!

Hey there, you still looking? Orbital Wreckoning is looking for new Members :slight_smile: We are living in Nullsec and are part of The Commonwealth.

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