Need someone to kill one of my towers 500m - 1b reward

I understand that’s a weird thing to say, but I need someone to kill an offline small tower of mine that I put in a wormhole back in 2015 or so. The Jsig is J113813 and the tower belongs to “The Milkmen” it is a small Amarr control tower. We haven’t lived there in years but I’m trying to clean up the old structure spam.

First person/group to kill it and any anchored mods (can’t remember if there are any) I will send 500m, 1b if it’s done within 5 days of this post going live. Please just send me a mail on “Maulthia” once it’s done.


I have added your system to our Pathfinder, if we stumble across it and your tower is still there, I’ll drop you a message.

Might want to ask a wormhole location service (Wingspan?) to scan you an entry path and leave a scanner in there. You will find a group razing it (or you can do it yourself) a lot quicker if you have access to the hole again. :slight_smile:

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CCP needs to develop a structure GUI. You click the Structure button and page displays all your structures + daily activity such as ship type, that way the station owner can build a market around the needs of the ships entering and exiting the station.

Another function is Remote Detonate that allows a POS / Structure owner to remote detonate an abandonded structure or POS.

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Handing out starbase management roles is risky enough, this would make it so much easier to cause mischief.

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Only the CEO of the corporation or alliance would have the ability to remote destroy a structure.

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I think personally CCP should repurpose POS as they cant seem to get rid of them simply use them for something else, maybe for interim ops or some such, i digress. They could also add a module into the game for the noctis that would allow it to unanchor specific POS - for now lets just say it would only do unfueled ones with no stront. Adds a new dynamic to the game and to at least one ship in this instance, would allow players to clean up areas where pos spam has been prolific; you could add more to that basic premis im sure - maybe only a percentage unanchors intact, maybe it could explode, maybe you would have to wardeck in hs to be able to compete, maybe they could be repurposed as temporary bases that are easier to throw up and take down…
Anyway, I suppose it doesnt really matter.

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What’s the status on this? Has it been completed or is it still pending?