New high-sec alliance looking for new/small corps

Caldari Alliance

Is looking for brand new player corporations & even single player corporations to join us.

We can assist with funding & logistics for your corporations goals as well as new-player training.

If your eve-online goals include having your own corporation but do not meet the requirements of the larger well established alliances this is a great place to start.

:artificial_satellite: High-Sec War Immune
:artificial_satellite: Homefront Operations
:artificial_satellite: Missions/Abyssals/Incursions
:artificial_satellite: Vanguard FPS Teams
:artificial_satellite: NO AUTH Requirements
:artificial_satellite: NO Voice Comms Required

Over 330 members with people always online to play with!

zKill (we do pvp though mainly with public fleets)

Discord Link (not mandatory)

Mail Ryan Elich in-game or message me on discord “ryanelich”
In-Game Channel C_A

Looking for additional corporation ceos for alliance executive positions.

Had 2 more corps join :smile: Did some abyssals, did some “venture” stuff, did some homefront missions and got to be a part of some great kills with spectre fleet.

Still looking for some more executives as we continue to build our group. Currently doing a lot of newbro type activities if you are also a newbro in high-sec you will fit right in :smiley:

Had 2 new corporations join. One was so old they used to be in “Fang Alliance” good memories. Would love to see some more old vets to go with our new bros. Having good times and the discord is getting pretty active :slight_smile:

Got another new corp joining. If you are a new player looking to nake over 100m/hr with little to no skill points this is a great place to be.

Did an alliance homefront group eveng today got a bunch of isk!

Got another new corp, and about 7 new members for our corps the last 2 days. Lots of alliance leadership positions are still available.

Welcome to our newest corp “The sound of freedom” bringing the alliance to 146 members!

We still have leadership positions available in the alliance as we continue to grow.

Seeing some good alliance growth :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the corps and players that have joined thus far. Really nice group of people.

Vanguard is live now. Come squad up with us.

Got a new corp, played some vanguard. Made some new allies. Still looking for more ceos.

Got 2 more corps and we have created a pvp focused corp in razor alliance for our members wanting to do null and fw pvp on their pvp pilots. Lots of cool stuff going on.

About to break 200 members!!!

Making new friends having good times.

Happy Easter

Bump. I’m a solo corp, mining and industry focused. This is the type of alliance I’m looking for, but I am based in Gallente space, Everyshore and Essence. Commenting to keep an eye on this thread. Sounds like a great alliance. Fly safe, o7

Hey Riffin, copy that we actually have corporations that operate in all areas of space including all empire factions as well as null-sec. Drop by the in-game channel C_A if you have additional questions.

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