New high-sec alliance looking for new/small corps

Bump. I’m a solo corp, mining and industry focused. This is the type of alliance I’m looking for, but I am based in Gallente space, Everyshore and Essence. Commenting to keep an eye on this thread. Sounds like a great alliance. Fly safe, o7

Hey Riffin, copy that we actually have corporations that operate in all areas of space including all empire factions as well as null-sec. Drop by the in-game channel C_A if you have additional questions.

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Can do, thanks, man. I appreciate the follow up. o7

Got 2 new corps. About to have over 300 members. 25-30 real people!

Looking for more new corps. Have a pretty active community going at this point. Still need more alliance leaders :smiley:


Got some new corps at 325 members now! Great time to join the fun!

We also have prize giveaways each week!!!

Shared moon operations if you are looking for more players to mine your moons. :grin:

We also offer 0.0% tax ice reprocessing stations in mutiple ice belt system in high-sec.

Still looking for more new corps. Discord has been getting quite busy so if you are looking for a social place on comms for your small corp we can definitely help with that.

Built up some good ice mining infrastructure for new bros looking to get some better isk/hr mining in high-sec.

Still looking for more small corps to join us :slight_smile:

Got another small mining corp today. Still looking for more friends.

Great place if you have a 1 pilot corp but still want to make friends :slight_smile: