New high-sec alliance looking for new/small corps

Rattlesnake giveaway in alliance discord :slight_smile:

Got 2 new small corps having a good time with shared corp/ alliance events.

I’m newish and I’m not trying to be critical, this is a real question. Why is an alliance needed in high sec?

Certainly not “needed” the best benefit is likely just more people to play with and socialize with. The discord giveaways are nice too. Both can help individual corp player retention.

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Great place to be if you have a 1 pilot corp but still want to chill out with other players on comms etc.

0% tax citadel services for alliances members.

Have a homefront fleet in 2 hours for our AU bros.

Got another new corp. Still looking for ceos who want to take an active part in alliance leadership.

Also participating in caldari faction warfare.

Got more new corps! Nearing 500 pilots :heart_eyes:

Have some 0% tax moons popping this weekend!

Qlliance 0% tax moon today!

So close to 500 pilots!!! Just 1 more corp :slight_smile: