New high-sec alliance looking for new/small corps

Got a lot of hype going for an alliance pvp op upcoming. Come join us on our journey into pvp in new eden i.e. we are likely going to valhalla lol

Got a couple new corps. Alliance chat finally getting active :smiley:

Got a a fair amount of 1 player corps as well if you are just looking for a social atmosphere to do your own corp.

Could use a few more mining corp, our hauler/miner ratio is all off lol.

Now with null-sec access :slight_smile:

I’ll join if you guys plan to do some high sec war decing, some structure bashing and chill high sec target hunting at some point. Just always thought that would be fun.

Or if you guys want to start a side alliance for that reason.

Hey engima would have to be a side alliance or sister corp as the alliance would prefer to stay war-immune as it is mqinly new players. Feel free to contact me in-game as we are always looking to expand in new and interesting gameplay.


Join now and prosper!! o7