New player looking for corp

I’m new to eve. I just finished all the seeker quest and I’m now trying to figure out how I want to branch my eve career. Looking for new player friendly groups to help me get into the swing and help become a powerhouse :slight_smile: thanks guys


Should also mention I’m in NA and want to try and keep with an NA group

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Tossed you an ingame email!

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Hey if you are still looking please shoot me a message, I might be able to help you out or help you find a home

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I will check my mail when I get home and on game

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If your still looking ill toss u a in game mail!

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We are very friendly and with a lot of experiance behind. We can help you grow and teach you about every aspect of the game (indy, mining, pvp, pve, explo) whatever you need. Make check us out if you are still looking.

Come talk to us. We are a 2004 corp that has an Academy to help you skill up. join our in game channel: “F-OFF NOW”

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