Null Alliance All Rounder Corp "AVRAE" Recruiting All Time Zones

I joined this corporation a few days ago and this corp definitely takes care of its own, all the help they have given me in terms of knowledge and resource support to establish myself in 0.0 has been unique, if you want a corp where you feel at home and supported look no further, join.
By the way, if your language is Spanish and you are new to Eve, I can help you, my first language is Spanish and I know how difficult it is to find a Hispanic or Latino corp that has active members.

What you mean “corp takes all mining ops” and what is “forced fleet ops”?

We do not force or ask you to participate in “community mining ops” that ask that you give everything to the corp . You will never ever be expected to give the corp anything you mine for free and would never accept it if you offered to. Also, there are no participation requirements or quotas in place that say you must participate in CTAs fleets. Rather than force these practices on our members like many other corps do we would rather give you the choice to operate when it is convenient for you and reward you for doing so with the programs our corp offers.

Corp Tenure Reward Guidelines

Bounty Program

SRP and Fleet Payment Guidelines

Thank you for your time answering my questions, I will be doing something else till mining is more stable.

Hi,yea sounds good man,need to taste Null again like the Old days but with good corp members :slight_smile:





Bumping for miners ?!

Just msg me in game on char name - GreenHorns
Will try and Convo/Msg you back :slight_smile:


yes we have Discord aslo :slight_smile:
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I played the game several years ago and have recently returned. I’m looking to get involved with a 0.0 security corp… maybe start with some ratting? Does your corp have room for someone like me?

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Hey man
Yea we have some space open.
couple things did change tho,so returning player will need some help so on :slight_smile:
This char in game name ? will send msg to u and see how things go from there. :slight_smile:

Yes, this character. Vane Tyrus. I’m online, so feel free to send a message.

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Bumping along
AVRAE Recruitment <— in game channel Join UP today!

Come Join today! get that isk rolling! Great buyback program in place !

EU/AUS/NZ/US TZ folks all welcome

Bumping the titan.

P-ZWKH true sec system -1.0 Great for mining and ratting!
Come Join today! get that isk rolling!


P-ZWKH true sec system -1.0 Great for mining and ratting!
Come Join today! get that isk rolling!