Null Sec space, Impass region, open for rental

The Impass region in null sec, has systems available for rental.

This is a good chance to get into null sec space with some protection and guidance from experienced Null sec residents.

What we have:
1> Moons
2> Endless PVE sites
3> Angel NPCs related content
4> DED 6/10s to 10/10s
5> Deadspace loot, from Gistum A / Gist C / Gist B / Gist A / Gist X, with the most valuable Deadspace shield booster in the game at 1.4billion isks or so( Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster - EVEMarketer).
6> Null sec ores
7> Null sec Gas
8> Null sec exploration sites
9> Ability to upgrade systems for better/more PVE sites

For more information on renting, please contact:

In-game: Rusan Sa
Discord: RusanSa #2615

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hello! could you contact me?
John Leman Raholan in game