Null sec sub capital roaming Corp

Still looking for pew pew pilots and have some great opportunities for our new Indy wing we’re putting together

I’ve updated the advert to thread finally!!!

‘‘Come as you are’’ once sang Kurt C

And i agree were talk with you regardless who you are and where your from and see if your a fit…

Another recruit yesterday and one more interview whose deciding if his coming and i hope his as he was awesome and we would love him to be 505

Another experienced FC and PvPer Recruited today and another Indy guy weighing his options up


Picked up another pilot today

I am free for the next few hours hook me up!!!

Monday evening Recruitment drive hook us up !!!

“Back once again with the Small gang sub cap pvp null sec gang, D 4 power to the people”

If you know you know.

Two more new bros with more experience than skill points and veterans return to the fight, come join us!


pretty new to game intrested in null sec oprations

We are swelling numbers and you’re going to miss out, come and have a chat with us!

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Play the game, come and join us, plus its Saturday and you have nothing else better to do!

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Its Friday, it’s Eve time, we are the corp you need, come and hit us up!