Nullsec Corp, Reign of Steel. Make Your Mark

Get in. Constant targets available

Still searching for the perfect pilot

If you’re looking for activity, it’s here

Great bunch of guys, plenty of pew

Great FC’s, offering plenty of pew. print ISK

One year as a corporation. Come celebrate with us by blowing someone up.

Great bunch of people with an awesome CEO I felt at home from day one/

Great group, excellent leadership, very welcoming and helpful to new bros as well as oldies like me who forgot how to play and are coming back after a long break.

Without this corps community I would have burnt out from EVE months ago.

Rare spawns are tasty

Returning WH Scanner here. I’m down to try some null stuff and do something new. hmu!

See, We don’t bite… hard… safe words and all.

Pew, mining, Pew, crabbing, Pew, Indi Pew, Markets, Pew. All is available including Pew-Pew

We’re waiting for your application. WHERE IS IT?

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see you browsing. I thought I was alone. Sure come and chat with us

Looking for more skirmish fighters. Is that you?

Loving the post and loving this Corp.

Are you bored of hi sec yet? Come and make some real isk in null