Nullsec Corp, Reign of Steel. Make Your Mark

Looking for focussed PVPers for small roams and large fleets. If you want targets we have them

I want to join! i am new but willing to help and become stronger for pvp!

Hey OGvVaLaK

I’ll contact you in game in a few hours when I wake up.

To anyone else, I’ll be watching. I’ll be very watching!

It’s a sunny day in space (because there are no clouds without atmosphere) and we’re all working on our tans. We have a moon to mine and lots of rats to kill. We also have a number of targets moving through if you need to get your kill streak up.

It’s going to be a busy half term break so come and pew whatever it is you like to lock up. Rocks, rats or rampaging revellers. We have it allllllllllllllll


We need players interested in hauling, logistics, links boosting, light and heavy tackle, manufacture and invention.

If you’re interested in any of these roles, get in contact.

loving the friendly and helpful nature of this Corp. So glad I found them.

I woke up this morning, looked out the window of my hulk and there it was…
This huge belt ready to be mined. Started mining and after about two hours, I could afford that PVP ship I always wanted to try…
To celebrate, I went in the Ice belt, got some ice, and had a nice cold ice tea.
I also do poems and sing at weddings… but when I start to sing in discord, people leave… I guess they are rushing to get tickets to my latest concert… otherwise I dont get it…

Anyway folks, its a fun group… come join us… make isk, make friends…

Fun per hour? Maxed
ISK per hour? Maxed
What is missing? YOU
Stop by our PUB “ROS and Friends” for a chat

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s all happening and you’re missing out

Pichew pichew.

Started PvP for the first time and it was so fun that I’m having to readjust my income to fit around doing PvP with corp members and the alliance.

I’d love to know more, or even possibly join in discord to talk more there! I’d shoot you a message in-game but the servers are currently down!

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Join Reign of Steel today and become a part of a legacy that is shaping the future of New Eden. Together, we will conquer the stars and reign supreme!

Attention Capsuleers!
Are you looking to forge your path in the vast universe of EVE Online?
You can stop looking , Reign of Steel is here to help with that !!!

Join Reign of Steel … it will be a bumpy ride!

Bump it up for the Reign Of Steel! forge your path with the fire that molds Null Sec!