Nyx Pilot, Avatar Alt, JF Alt LF Corp - Returning Player

Looking for a corp in well established alliance with ample PVP & ratting opportunity. Returning player.

Hey Hodgey,

SBBAL is recruiting. We’re a small tight knit corp but we have big goals in a big alliance.

We have space to make isk with in order to buy caps and use them to get blown up in fun fights. Plenty of subcap action as well with fleets in every timezone.

Below to give an easy account of what we do and what we’re looking for.

Forum post:

You can easily get in contact with us on our discord which is linked at the bottom of the forum post. We use mumble for in game comms.

After reading up on us if you feel like we could be the place for you to fully use your skills and alts well then let me know on discord or through an in game mail.


o/ Hodgey

I tried sending you a convo in-game but couldn’t contact you.

I N C U B U S is a Null PVP corp with an established small Alliance
We have a pretty good mix of PVP and PVE/Indy going on within Alliance

We have quite a bit of PVP coming up in the next week
We also have ample TrueSec (-1.00) ratting space

I’d like to get in touch with you tomorrow if you’re online
In the meantime here’s our Corp discord Discord

Hi Hodgey,

I sent you an in game mail.

Hope to hear from you.

Fly safe.

Hey there! Total Mayhem is a small gang PvP corp. We are nomadic, so we don’t really do sov but we are blue to PL. Take a look at our ad and if you like what you see drop by our discord for a chat.

Stay dangerous

Flaming Fist Rising was formed in 2013 by a few friends and went strong for sometime. It is now being revived by both old leadership and some new alike.

The War Effort requires many skill-sets. We will need industry & combat pilots. We can find a role for you to play, everyone plays their part.

We are primarily USTZ and most members are Active from 23:00 to 05:00 Eve time

Who We Are

✦ A Revived Corporation Looking To Carve A New Name In Nullsec

✦ Member Of VINDICTIVE & Winter Coalition

✦ Great Community Who Love Space & Big Ideas

✦ Members Looking To Be Apart of Make Eve History

✦ Small But Ambitious Group

What We Offer

✦ Solo / Small Gang PVP

✦ Large Scale Fleet PVP With Coalition (Go To WAR)
✦ Ship Replacement Program (For Corp Ops)

✦ Manufacturing & Industry Structures

✦ Upgraded Asteroid Belts & Combat Sites (Thanks to Nullsec ADMs)

✦ Corporation & Alliance Logistics (Jump Freighter Services)

✦ Opportunity To Be Apart Of The Game Changing Battles Of EVE

✦ Great Community Of People

✦ People First & Foremost

Why Choose Us ?

✦ Drama Not Tolerated

✦ Content Rich Region Of Space

✦ Honey Instead of Vinegar (Meaning we use incentives instead of a deterrent |

We will PAY for Op Attendance not punish absence)

✦ Gamification | Utilizing Video Games For Real World Benefits (Ask Me More)

✦ Experienced Alliance & Coalition Leadership

✦ Experienced & Helpful Members Who Love PVP

✦ We can find something for you

✦ Opportunity To Be Apart of Growing A Brand New Name
✦ Opportunity For Corporation Leadership Roles (FC etc)

✦ Content Creation Team (In The Works, Ask Me More)


✦ Maturity & Respect

✦ Teamwork

✦ Voice Communications ( Discord, Mumble)


✦ Willingness to learn & Adapt

✦ New Players must understand dangers of Nullsec, but great risk brings great reward.

In Game Recruitment Channel : Flaming Fist Rising Public

Hit me up in in game, my name is bellath.
Our corpfalls under the imperium, FAYN industries is very well established corp with a keepstar owned by us.

  • We have over a 100 active members ! (not alts)
  • Biggest renter in Initiative associates
  • buyback
  • small gang pvp
  • ore and ice mining
  • high ADM

Ingame channel: FAYN.recruits
FAYN webpage

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