Old fart looking for a home


Started this game in the beta, been away for many years now so I am a bit rusty.

250m sp, have a good set of ships including a Titan, multiple carriers and more SubCap ships than I need.

I always liked Molden Heat, so a corp/alliance in that area would be nice. Im looking for a more relaxed corp that knows how to have fun. I got small kids now and a full time job so cant have an activity requirement corp / alliance.

PvP focus…

And please drama free, Im to old for that ■■■■ :slight_smile:

Hi Leeach.

You are perfect candidate for our house m8.

If you want to know what we do, just have a look at our post below


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Here’s our corp/alliance forum post! check us out!

Hey, The Envoys is recruiting. We’re a small tight-knit group of (mostly) older players looking for people who like to pvp, hang out and have fun. That sounds like you to me. We also have members with kids and other irl commitments so there would be no judgement from us. I sent you an EVEmail, hope to hear back.

Hi Leeach,

Sounds like you’d be a prime fit for us. If you’d like check out our post and drop in if you’re interested in learning more.


From one old fart to another…I also started in beta.

Jump into our discord for a chat!

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Hey Leeach,
As i assume you already know most of the stuff in game im just gonna cut to it :slight_smile:

Terrifying league of dog fort (DOGFT) is a larger corp that focuses on capital pvp and general shenanigans. We are not super strict on much short of esi and just not being a dick. We make sure we have a good social environment so we have a discord where we just sit and chill some nights, have game nights and other social events.

As of right now we are part of nsh which are similar to us. Not too strict , kinda do whatever has pvp etc etc.

You can reach me basically at any time on discord:

Hey Leeach,

We would be happy to have you reach out to us here at Brewmaster Armada when you’re available. We can help answer any questions you might have to see if we might be a good fit.

Hello Leeach, I hope you consider us, we are mostly UK/EU, also part of the older community.
Stain NPC Space - EU Timezone - We are Happy Cartel - Looking for PVPers and Industry Specialists - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums
Hope you find what you are looking for.

Stay Happy!

Hey there Leeach :)! sent you an Eve mail, hope all is well and hope too hear back soon take care!

I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy!

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