Old pilot looking for a home (edited)

I am returning to the Eve after quite some time and made this new Minmatar toon that is Omega and that is on 1.2mil sp at the moment, I am looking for a non L33t Corp that plays the game for the game not as a second job/life.

Ive started this toon to get back into the swing of things and it does’nt matter what security rating i have.

What I think I am looking for.

What I would like is a fairly casual but active Corp with mature but not too stiff members (not interested in role play at all) that would be willing to teach an ageing player some micro/small gang camps or hit and run pvp.

This is not something I can devote hours and hours to every night of the week as rl governs my time but I would be online most nights from 7pm gmt for at least a couple of hours.

I would prefer to be based in high sec if possible or at least within easy reach of it. I don’t think i’m ready for WH space atm with limited skill and SP.

I have voice coms.

Uk time zone please

What I don’t want.

I do not want to move a gazillion jumps away from high sec, I have a load of assets in low sec I can’t get to as it is. I’m not to worried about these but I’m not making the same mistake twice:)

I do not want and cant do long massive fleet battles i just don’t have the time.

I do not want a non active corp and end up ship spinning with the other corp member who is afk:confused:.

!'m not into minning. However running security for miners would be ok.

I don’t expect special treatment and ppl dropping everything just because I’ve decided to log on but good general activity would be nice.

Please in game mail me or shout me when i’m online, evenings.

I look forward to your contact.




Have a great fit for you if your interested will message you in game

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Did I hear microgang?

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Well, I know its not exactly what your looking for, and normally I wouldnt have suggested it either, but since you mention small and micro gang pvp I will give you a shout here.

You ever considered WH space?
We live in a c3 with a 0,0 static, so we do roams into 0,0 whenever we feel like it.
We’re a smallish corp in a really awesome alliance with loads of players with 10+ years of eve time behind us. We’re not even the slightest elitist, but just a really chill group of friends that have an amazing time both ingame and on discord.

I know logistics isnt as easy in wh, I will admit that, but we are damn helpfull at getting ppl the ships they need etc, and im quite sure we would be able to also get your stuff out of low sec if you want help with that.
Anyways, give me a mail or something if this seems tempting.

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I would very much like to have a conversation with you I think we could help you in your search for a home

You’ve found it here!

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check out zkillboard for Rooks Lamb. Thats me, and I was taught PvP a few years ago. in the past few years I have been (mostly) soloing Cache, and attempting to capture sov down there.
I just got banned for 7 days as I am starting to make an impact, and they dont like it :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, Halleluiah is recruiting, and you can voice with me on discord if you add my username CodeName#0898

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Did you find somewhere?

just incase :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the interest, I have edited and updated my post a little, still not in a corp.:smirk:

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I would look at provi bloc if you’re still looking. For instance Severance or some of the other PVP corps there might be recruiting.

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Thank you

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