Old vet looking for well established WH C4-C6 home


I have always had a farm hole and did things with my alts for isk and content when things are slow so I know the ins and outs of WH space but I am and have been a null bear with my main and after a decade I’m just a tad burned out on that playstyle and pretty much stay in my hole/s.

Nervosa isn’t my main but I don’t want to deal with the drama of putting my main on here and getting spotted by my current alliance.

What I have to offer.

  • Independent isk maker
  • Know the game and how to play
  • Corp and alliance level leadership experience (not what I want to do but I know what I’m doing)
  • FC experience (On the fence but once trust is built I may want to FC again)
  • Find my own content
  • Know how to manage and scan a chain and hole (I have lived in WHs since they came out ran sigs in wormholes with null groups I have been in)
  • Cap toons, Black ops toons, T3Cs on main and alts, Logi toons. Can pretty much do anything.
  • Most people tend to like me, so not toxic
  • It will be my main and like 9 alts or so.

Basically you will NOT have to hold my hand.

Only red flag is I was leadership in INIT during the rage eviction, so I know how meta game is so I just want to put that out front and center.

I am USTZ and a mature player, dad, veteran…I’m not a kid. Just looking for a cool group of people to go do wormhole things with. Looking for a bigger group I want to be a part of evictions and good size skirmishes.

Feel free to reply, message me in game, however.
Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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If you were EUTZ, I’d try to convince you to try lowsec. Good luck, mate!

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for us. Lean PvP group of mostly veterans (100-200m SP) who have been active daily for years.

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Hey there, if you fancy doing more evictions as well as system ‘saves’, plus all the usual WH PvP, D3NSE are a good option. Mixture of vets and newer bros:

Hello @Nervosa,

I read your post, very interesting indeed. How good of a response have you gotten from J Space Corps. As I was reading, was thinking you should have applied to HK, maybe you did. What a great backstory that would make…would it not? Anyways, if you haven’t found anything, we are doing bigger and bigger things for our gaming content. We are hoping our 2020 is our best year ever. Stop by and jump onto our Discord if you want, chat with our Recruiting/Diplo Team and make some new J Space Friends.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

Just wanted to thank everyone for the interest and replies, I will explore them in more detail later tonight (on a business trip so irl has had me tied up)

@Mr_Glaser I haven’t applied to them yet, I have considered them and LZHWKS though, just opening up the forum to see if maybe there was other options I haven’t immediately thought of, gonna be doing some research and sending mails tonight.

Would be very ironic though.

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