Pair of Experienced Pilots Looking for a New Home

Hi Vondur,

First I think you should out JREX INC. We are a corp of laid back PvPers of members of intergalactic space hobos. We are a mix of both EU and UTSZ pilots. We pride ourselves of no CTA’s, none of that Eve life over real life stuff. We fly sub caps to capitals and we are fairly active. Our fleet times range from 1700-0530.

JREX as a corp is growing. We are coming back and want dedicated and active members to have a good community. We also play games outside of Eve like League of Legends (not proud of that one) to CS:GO (Yep). We want people to be thick skinned, because we laugh at each other and want to have a come time. We are based in low-sec and enjoy all forms of PvP. I hope you and your S/O want to join us, as I think you two would be great fits.

I have attached our blurb and recruitment thread below. Good luck finding a corp.