Pew Squad (ChaosTheory) - 0.0 PVP Corp Recruiting US/EU tz pilots

Pew Pew

Still recruiting!

Actively recruiting all, special off for ex Co2.

Recruiting still open!

Recruiting pewers

Recruitment is… open \o/

Come on join!

Come one come all!

Recruiting everyday :slight_smile:

Active right now! come and chat!

Recruitment is… open!

Recruitment is open!

Pew is on the menu.

Still pewing

Recruitment is OPEN!!!

Looking for PVP’ers only.

Join Now!

Join for content!

Plenty of PvP to be had! Come join the fun!

Recruitment is OPEN!

Join ‘Pew Squad Pub’ to talk to a recruiter

New Peeps joining everyday! come and join the growth :slight_smile: